Airtel Balance Check And List Of All USSD Codes [2019]

By | May 16, 2019

I guess you are recently moved to Airtel network and now wondering how to check Airtel balance. If that’s you, then you have come to the right place.

No matter if you want to check your airtel 4g data balance or just want check other Airtel offers, services, and data packs. This post got you covered.

In this post, I have listed some of the commonly used Airtel USSD codes. These codes work with Airtel prepaid numbers and Airtel postpaid numbers as well.

how to check airtel data balance

How To Check Airtel Balance?

If you quickly want to check your Airtel balance simply dial *123#.

So this way you can solve all your queries like how to check Airtel balance, how to check Airtel net balance, Airtel offers all at one place.

If you want to just jump to the USSD codes section then you are free to do so. But, if you are a little curious like me, you would surely like to know more about USSD codes.

At the end of the list, I have written a few words about describing USSD codes. You can have a look at it first if you want to. Otherwise, the USSD codes are still going to work fine if you don’t know what happens behind the scenes.

Airtel Balance Check And List Of All USSD Codes [2019]

So here are the Airtel USSD codes:

USSD CodeFunctions
121Airtel Customer Care (This is the number which is specifically for queries and questions)
198Airtel Complaint Number (The is where you can register all you complain regarding your Airtel mobile number)
*123#Airtel Balance Check (Quickly allows you to check your Airtel balance)
*123*10# or *123*#Check for Free 2G Data Balance (I don’t think that nowadays anybody would be using the 2G Internet)
*123*11#Check for 3G Data Balance (If you have the 3G Internet pack active then this is the USSD code to dial for checking the data balance)
*121*8#Check for Airtel 4G Balance (Airtel 4G data balance check can be done using this code)
*123*197#Airtel Night Data Balance (Airtel sometimes gives night only data balance, which can be checked by dialing this USSD code)
*123*2# or *555#Check for  Local SMS Balance
1909DND Activation/Deactivation (This is a regular number that you need to dial for activating Do Not Disturb or deactivating DND)
*141*10# or 52141Airtel Loan Number (If you are falling short of Airtel data balance or your regular balance then you can get a small loan from Airtel itself by dialing this number)
*121#My Airtel, My Offer (You can check specific offers that are only for you)
*121*4#Airtel Value Added Services (Activate services like caller tunes etc)
*121*7#To Check Last 5 Transactions and also Value Added Services. (If you want to check the last 5 recharges or deductions that were made from you balance use this Airtel USSD code)
*123*1#Check for Airtel to Airtel Mins Balance (Allows you to check the total minutes remaining for Airtel to Airtel free call)
*123*6#Local Airtel to Airtel Night Minutes Balance (Check the night minutes balance for Airtel to Airtel)
*123*7#Check for Free Local, STD SMS Balance (Check the amount of SMS balance, you are only allowed to send 100 messages a day)
*123*8#Check for Free STD Minutes Balance (If you have done an STD minutes recharge then the minute balance can be checked using this Airtel USSD code)
*141#Airtel Talk time Gift Service [Share or Ask Talk time ]
*222#Special 5 Offers (Get to know the special offers that are only available to your Airtel number)
*321#Airtel Live Services
*325#Free Facebook Access [Rs. 1 per day ]
*515#Twitter Service
*566#Airtel Special Offers and Rewards
*678#Hello Tunes Menu
*888#Missed Call Alert
*777#Local National SMS Packs
*282#Know Your own Airtel number (If you forgot your own Airtel mobile number then you can use this code to check your Airtel mobile number)
*141*10#Airtel loan code (Get a small balance loan from Airtel)

What Is Airtel USSD code?

Have you ever wondered what actually a USSD code is and how actually it retrieves the data?

Airtel USSD Codes List, airtel net balance check code

The USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, often times it is also referred to quick code service. It starts with an asterisk (*) symbol and ends with a hash (#). The USSD code helps us in retrieving the data that is stored in the Airtel network computer system and refer back to us with the result.

In other words, when you type in the USSD code, your mobile number communicates with the computer software of the Airtel service provider and then send you the popup or the text message for your query. Whether it be Airtel data balance check or Airtel offers to check. All of this carried seamlessly with the help of USSD codes.

Airtel Thanks – Recharge, Bill Pay, Bank, Play, TV

Now you may be wondering isn’t their any better way for checking Airtel balance, Airtel net balance, and all the other Airtel offers and services?

Fortunately, there is a way.

Remembering all these USSD codes could be tiresome for anybody. If you don’t have to remember any of the USSD code because all of the work that is done by these quick codes can also be done using the Airtel mobile app. Now it is known officially as Airtel Thanks app.

Airtel Balance Check, Airtel Data Balance Check

Simply go to the Android app store or the iOS store to download the app. Once download follows the instructions to get your number registered. Once you are inside the app you can do all the stuff that USSD codes allows you to do.

Wrap Up

I hope you were able to find your desired USSD code for your Airtel mobile number. If not, let me know in the comment section below. I explained what each USSD code does in a brief. Some of which I did not, is pretty self-explanatory.

If you know some new codes that can be added to this list, please let me know via the comment section. Also, you can mention USSD codes that are not working at your end.

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