Ampere Pro Apk v3.19 Final Premium Download For Android [Latest]

The Ampere Pro apk is an app that allows you to measure the charge and discharge of your battery. The gives detailed information when you charge your phone. It will show you the minimum current power and the maximum power as well. Apart from that, you can also see the status of the battery, the medium of the current if you are charging the phone, battery level, battery health, temperature and much more.

If you often use different chargers or USB cables for your phone then you may wonder which one charges your phone faster. You can find the answer to this question by downloading the Ampere Pro apk on your phone and measure the charging capacity of each charger. This way you find which charges is the best for you phone and weed out the worst one.

App NameAmpere (Google Play Link)
Android Requirement
4.0.3 and up


Ampere Pro Apk

Just to give you an idea, here is a measurement of the battery shown by the Ampere Pro apk on the Nexus 7 device. These are the details that the Ampere Pro app will provide you.

ampere sample screenshot on nexus 7

Status: Charging
Plugged: AC Charger
Level: 56%
Health: Good
Technology: Li-ion
Temperature: 26 degree Celsius
Voltage: 3.804 V
Model: Nexus 7
Android Version: 5.1
Build ID: LMY47D

The Ampere app measures the charging and the discharging current of your phone’s battery. If you have your phone not connected to a charger, you will see the discharging current is negative. If you connect the charger you will see that the current is now showing according to the charger used. The app will show the current that the charger gives and shows it on the phone and the remaining power will be charged into the battery.

Also, note that the displayed current is an average value from 50 measurements minus the 10 upper values and the 10 lower values. Sometimes the current that is displayed by the app can vary and even show you zero. This is because every smartphone manufacturer used their own battery types and hardware. This makes it quite challenging for the app to show you the accurate results about your battery and the charger.

Ampere Pro Apk Download

Hence by using the Ampere Pro app you can measure charging and discharging current of your battery. this feature is often overlooked by the smartphone manufacturers and they don’t have these kinds of features inbuilt. It is an amazing add-on feature to have on your smartphone. That is why the Braintrapp team has launched the Ampere app which is available to download for free. The app also comes with PRO features such as Widgets, Notifications, Alerts on the device, Alerts on Android Wear. The Pro version has no ads. This means that you can monitor the charging and discharge of your phone without any interruptions. You can download the Ampere Pro apk from this page and use all these paid features for free.


If you are thinking whether this app will work on your device or not then you don’t need to worry. For your ease, we have listed all the phones that are not supported for this app. You can check if your smartphone is under the list below. If it is, then you can skip downloading the app. The fact that some of the devices are not supported for this app is because many devices lack an appropriate measurement chip (or the interface) and they can not be supported at all.

Galaxy Grand Prime – fortuna3gdtv
Galaxy Note2 – t03g, t03gchn, t03gchnduos, t03gcmcc, t03gctc, t03gcuduos
Galaxy S3 – d2att, d2spr, d2vmu
Galaxy Tab4 7.0 – degas3g
HTC Desire 510 – htc_a11ul8x26
HTC One S (ville), X (endeavoru), XL (evita)
HTC Sensation 4G – pyramid

The above-mentioned devices are not supported so please have a look at it and move accordingly.

More About Ampere

After installing the Ampere Pro apk you can simply open the app and start measuring the current of your battery. You can measure the charging status when you have plugged in your phone. Likewise, the discharging status can also be measured when you are actively using your device.

The app will take a few seconds to show you the status when you first open it. After a few seconds, it will start showing you the charging or the discharging current on the home screen of your smartphone. The current option in the app depends on various factors and hence it can change depending on the situation. It is totally dependent on the such as your charger, phone type, currently running apps, the brightness of your phone, Wi-Fi, and GPS state, etc. Although the app tries to provide you with the best measurement still it is advised by the developer to not take these as the concrete readings.

Sometimes the users also face issues like the app is always showing “measuring”. To solve this problem you try the following solutions:

  • Close the app and then open again. Make sure that you also killed the app from the recent app section as well.
  • The above solution will work most of the time but it does not solve your problem then you should try unplugging and then plugging in the cord.
  • Other solution would be to uninstall the app and then reinstall the app again.
  • Another option would be to shut down your phone and restart it.
  • At last, you can try to select the “Old measurement method” and/or other Measurement Interface.

Wrap Up

The Ampere Pro app has a very clean and simple interface. To get access to the features such as in-built widgets, notifications, alerts you can download the Pro version of the Ampere apk from our page. The Pro version of the Ampere apk also supports alerts for your Android Wear devices.

Measuring the current of your device is a good thing to do. You can use the measured values of the current for various purposes. When you get the current measurement through Ampere Pro apk you can devise the general health of your phone’s battery. Also, finding the right charger for your phone will also be an easy task for you. Moreover, you can also find which USB charging cable charges your phone faster. Likewise, you can easily monitor the power consumption of your device using this app. This way you can find out the apps that are consuming most of the battery power. Turning them off would be a great option because it will improve your smartphone’s battery standby time.

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