App Cloner Premium Apk v1.5.22 Full Unlocked MOD Apk Download

App Cloner Premium apk is your best companion to make copies of a single app on your phone. Many people these days are looking for ways to use more than one instance of a single app on their smartphones. But this feature is not available on many phones.

Usually, Xiomi phones have this feature in-built of creating copies of a single app using the dual app feature. However, some high-end smartphone companies still don’t offer this feature of cloning app. This is where the App Cloner Premium apk comes into place. You can use the App Cloner Premium apk to clone apps on your smartphone. This way you can have multiple instances of a single app running on your smartphone at once.


App Cloner Premium Apk

This app is very popular and is one of the best for cloning apps. Of course, there are other apps available as well that does the same job but still, people prefer to use the Premium version of the App Cloner to copy their apps. With the App Cloner Pro apk file, you can easily use two Facebook accounts on a single phone.

No stress no worries to carry a second phone for using the other Facebook account when you have the App Cloner Pro apk installed. Any app that is created by App Cloner is truly independent and isolated on its own. This means that they are treated as completely separate apps and no link is made between these apps whatsoever. So this way you can make clones of your favorite apps as many times as you want and enjoy it.

clone apps using the app cloner

The App Cloner Pro is not free to download. This app is available on Google Play but you have to donate some money before you can start using it. So instead of spending money on the app, we are giving the Premium version of the App Cloner apk for free to test or use. You can easily download the App Cloner Premium apk from the link given on this page and install it as usual.

Download App Cloner Premium Apk

You can download the Pro version of the latest App Cloner using the following link. Simply click on the link given and you will be redirected to the download page to download the apk file. This is the latest version of the App Cloner, that means all the latest features are available in this version.

You also get to enjoy all the premium features because this app has been modded to unlock all the premium features and you get to download it for free of cost. So what are you waiting for? Download now and enjoy running multiple clones of same apps on your smartphone.


More About App Cloner

As said above, the apps that are clone using the App Cloner are running independently and they work as if both apps are installed on separate phones. You don’t have to worry about closing the cloned version of the app in order to use the original one. Because both the apps cloned can run parallelly without any problem. The clone version of the app will not be automatically updated that means you can stay run the cloned app with your original app.

Cloning an app is very useful when you want to have two more accounts on different social media profiles or messaging apps. You can simultaneously run multiple accounts of apps such as Skype, Facebook, Twitter and so on. Not only that, App Cloner gives you various options to tweak the clone version of the app. There are many ways with which you can tweak the cloned version of the app make it work as you want. This feature of the App Cloner alone is very powerful, if used properly you can do many fun stuff with it.

If you want you can change the icon of the cloned app or even the name of the cloned app. Some other tweaks that are worth mentioning are that you can install the cloned app directly on your SD-Card. Thus saving you storage space on your phone. Added, you can also make your app to open in a floating window. This makes it so easy for you to simultaneously use both the apps at the same time.

There are more than 100 app customization features that you choose in App Cloner Premium apk. Some of the most used features of App Cloner Pro apk include password protecting the cloned app, incognito mode, spoofing your Android ID and many others.

App Cloner Premium Apk Features

When you download the Pro version of the App Cloner from this page you get to use all the features that are provided only to the premiums users of the app. The apk file that is provided by us is a fully unlocked version of the App Cloner Pro, where you can get enjoy all the premium features without paying any cent.

You can clone apps such as Messenger, VK, Snapchat that are not available to clone in the free version.

Want to create more than two instances of the same app? don’t worry, you can use the batch cloning feature to make multiple copies of a single app in just a few clicks.

You get to save the cloned apps on your SD-Card or your internal storage. If you have less storage on your phone then you can choose to save the cloned apps on your external SD-Card.

Change the icon of the cloned apps using the App Cloner customizations. You can choose a different icon for your cloned apps so that you easily recognize the purpose of each cloned app. Let’s say you can assign a tie icon to recognize that the app is used for professional work only or a family icon to recognize this is used for only family purpose etc.

Cloning watch apps and the watch faces is also a breeze with the App Cloner Premium apk.

Display options:

  • With the display feature of the App Cloner, you can easily change status, toolbar colors and the navigation bar.
  • The cloned app can be easily locked to landscape or the portrait mode using the rotation lock option.
  • Take your cloned apps everywhere you go in your smartphone using the floating window feature. With this feature, you can easily stick out your favorite app in a free form window that you can move around anywhere on your screen and use other apps at the same time.
  • Easily set the preferred language for you cloned apps. Make the font size bigger or smaller. You can also change the display size of the app as well.
  • Make the use of always-on screen feature to never lock your screen when you have opened your cloned app.
    Phones that have the multi-window feature also integrates seamlessly with the App Cloner Premium apk Multi-window feature.

Privacy Options:

  • Protect your apps using a strong password so that nobody can use them without your permission. The App Cloner allows you to set a password to your cloned apps.
  • With Incognito mode you can use the app without saving the data of the app.
  • You can also change the Android ID, hide the IMEI number of your Android device and change the Wi-Fi MAC address as well.
  • Block people from taking screenshots while they are using the cloned version of the app using the prevent screenshots feature.
  • Easily spoof your location with the built-in spoof location feature.
  • Easily remove certain permission from the apps which you don’t want to be used by the cloned apps.

Storage Options:

  • Install the cloned apps on your external SD-Card.
  • Automatically clear cache on exit feature.
  • Redirect to external storage.

Some apps that can be cloned:

  • Amazon Kindle
  • DropBox (except internal PDF viewer)
  • eBay
  • Facebook (only on Android 5.0 or later, language is English only)
  • Facebook Lite
  • Firefox
  • Flickr
  • Flipboard
  • Instagram
  • LINE
  • Netflix
  • Opera, Opera Mini
  • Outlook
  • Pinterest
  • Skype
  • Spotify
  • SwiftKey Keyboard
  • Telegram
  • Threema
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter
  • WordPress
  • Yahoo Mail

Wrap Up

No doubt that the App Cloner Premium is one of the best application to clone your apps. You just need to keep in mind that not all apps can be cloned using this app but still it is very useful.

Also, make sure that you enable the option of unknown sources by navigating to Settings –> Security –> Unknown sources.

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