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Arduino IRremote Library | Types of Arduino [UPDATED]

Hello, friends in this tutorial we are going to talk about Arduino. We will discuss Arduino Irremote Library and types of Arduino. There are lots of cool projects that you can do with Arduino Boards so without any due let’s dive right into it.

Arduino IRremote Library | Types of Arduino

What is Arduino?

Arduino is a microcontroller and also a programming language. An Arduino microcontroller is called Arduino Board.

These are small chips which you can use control the flow of current. Like you can program an Arduino board for controlling your room lights or simply blinking a small LED light.

The sky is the limit what you can do with Arduino Boards. You can make robots with these chips, control your tv, make your hacking tool like rubberducky and much more.

You can also attach the sensor to an Arduino Board. You can use a sensor to detect different conditions. You can also have multiple programming scripts installed on Arduino Board.

For example, you can attach a sensor to an Arduino Board which detects Ultra-Violet rays i.e. the sunlight and according to the exposure of the sensor to the sunlight, you can run different scripts.

Another example could be a sensor detecting turning on of your TV. You can program your Arduino Board to turn your room lights off when switch on your TV. I think you got an idea what Arduino Boards are capable of. You can do amazing stuff with these microcontrollers.

To program an Arduino Board you need an Arduino Software called IDE which allows you to write your own scripts and upload them to your board.

You can either use an online IDE to program you to board or install an IDE offline. The online IDE is known as Arduino Web Editor. It also allows you to save your programmed scripts to the cloud so you can access them from anywhere regardless of your location.

The other option to is the Desktop IDE. The offline IDE is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and you also have an option for an installing a portable IDE for Windows and Linux systems.

Why use Arduino Boards?

Although there are many other similar microcontrollers available in the market Arduino does offer some extended features above them.

Simple, clear programming environment

The IDE which is used to write scripts for Arduino Boards is very flexible. It can be used by beginners with ease. It is based on the Processing programming environment.

Open Source and extensible software/Hardware

Arduino software is published as open source tools. This means that you can modify it as per your need and even redistribute it further. You can also easily extend its feature by using different libraries already available like Arduino IRremote Library.

Even the Arduino Boards are published under a Creative Commons license, so you can make your own version of the module and extend it with your functionalities.


Arduino boards are relatively inexpensive compared to other microcontroller platforms.


Most microcontroller systems are limited to Windows but the Arduino Software (IDE) runs on Windows, Macintosh OSX, and Linux operating systems.

Different Types Of Arduino Boards

The list of Arduino boards includes the following such as

Arduino Uno (R3)

LilyPad Arduino

Red Board

Arduino Mega (R3)

Arduino Leonardo

Arduino IRremote Library

Now comes the question what is Arduino IRremote library.

Simply said the Arduino IRremote library lets you control your Arduino Board using an infrared remote control, or use your Arduino to control other devices like your TV, stereo, etc.

Complete Arduino IRremote Library can be found here: Download

Just click on the download button to download Arduino IRremote LIbrary.

Supported Boards

Arduino Uno / Mega / Leonardo / Duemilanove / Diecimila / LilyPad / Mini / Fio / Nano etc.
Teensy 1.0 / 1.0++ / 2.0 / 2++ / 3.0 / 3.1
Atmega8535, 8, 16, 32, 164, 324, 644, 1284, 64, 128
ATtiny 84 / 85


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