Automatic Call Recorder Pro Apk v5.58 [Patched Apk] Full Version!

Automatic call recorder pro is one of the best ways to record incoming and outgoing calls. You know that brand phones like Samsung don’t come with inbuilt call recorder feature like many other brands do.

The Xiomi phones have this feature inbuilt with all of their handsets. This makes the life of Xiomi users a bit easier as they don’t need to install apps like automatic call recorder.

But there is a huge userbase of Samsung users and we know that Samsung phones don’t come with call recording feature because of the security reasons. And we understand that. But many users still want to monitor their incoming and outgoing calls.

Call Recorder Pro Apk

For those users, the solution is to install a call recorder app. The most popular call recording app is automatic call recorder. It comes with two versions one is the free version and the other is call recorder pro.

App NameCall Recorder (Google Play Link)
Android Requirement4.0 and up


Automatic Call Recorder Pro

With automatic call recorder, you can choose only selected calls to be recorded and others to be ignored. Once the recording is done you can listen to the recorded call from the app itself or from your media player.

You can add information to the recorder call and share it with others. Moreover, the app comes with inbuilt functionality to move your recorded audios to Google Drive or Dropbox.

This is great if you want to have a backup of all your calls.

Most importantly you need to keep in mind that automatic call recorder or the call recorder pro app may not work on some smartphones. If that is your smartphone then you can try using any other call recorder app.

Call Recorder Pro Apk Free Download

You can easily download the full version of the Call Recorder Pro app by clicking on the below download link.


Installation Instructions

1. Click on the above link to download the latest version Call Recorder Pro app for free. If you are facing any difficulty in downloading the file then let me know in the comment section.

2. Once you have downloaded the apk file, open your downloads folder and click on the apk file to begin installing it. But make sure that you have removed any previous version of automatic call recorder that you may have installed previously.

3. You may be prompted to enable installs from unknown sources. This is a feature that you have to allow from your smartphone. To enable this feature you can go to Settings->Security->Allow Unknown Apps.

4. After that install the Call Recorder Pro apk as you normally would install any other app. Grant all the permissions and then sign in with your account to enjoy Automatic Call Recorder Pro for free.

Features Of Call Recorder Pro Apk

  • You can choose to ignore the calls of a few contacts and only save the recording of the contact that you wish to save.
  • But remember this feature is not enabled by default. By default, the setting of the app is set to record all the calls. You have to do it manually after downloading the call recorder pro apk.
  • Record only selected contacts. This feature gives you the freedom to record only calls that you wish to record. This feature is useful if your phone memory is too low. You can then select to only record important calls.
  • Likewise, you can select the contacts to ignore the call recording. If your contact list is too long to select the phone numbers whose call you want to vs the number whose call you don’t want to record, then this feature will be a boon to you.
  • You can select the phone numbers whose audio call recording you don’t wish to record and save. For example, you can add the phone number of your best buddy with whom you chatter for hours and hours and whose call recording is not so important. Believe me, this will save you a lot of space.
  • You can choose particular contacts to call recording to be automatically saved in your phones as well in the Google Drive or Dropbox storage of yours.

Other Apps Like Call Recorder Pro

call recorder pro apk free download

So if you have tried Call Recorder Pro app in your smartphone and you are not satisfied with the results that it delivers you can try the following call recording apps.

Call Recorder – ACR

It is one of the best and highest rated call recorders for Android phones. The app has received a rating of 4.5 stars on Google Play. The app has a high rating because of the awesome features that it has to offer. Another thing to note about this app is that it is completely free to download from the Play store. The app has features like:

  • Automatic recording of selected contacts.
  • Recycle Bin feature that stores your deleted calls for easy recovery.
  • Auto-deletion of old call recordings.
  • Protect your call recording with password
  • Bunch of recording formats including MP3, M4A, OGG, WAV, AMR, 3GP, FLAC, MP4
  • Feature of delaying the recording for calls. Means you can set the app to start the call recording after a specific time interval.
  • Transcribe you call recording for free
  • Lot’s more…

This call recorder app is a must try. I am certain that you are going to love this app.

Call Recorder by MobileIdea Studio

Another great call recorder app for Android is developed by MobiIdea Studio.

The main features of this app are–recording call with the mp3 audio format, block unwanted calls within the app, transfer your call recordings to the cloud, etc.

This call recording app works with almost all of the device. All the flagship phones of the Samsung brand are all supported. Smartphones include Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge, Note7), Galaxy S8 (S8+, Note8).

Call Recorder Automatic, Call Recording 2 Ways

The other alternative to Automatic Call Recorder Pro app is Call Recorder Automatic. It is an automatic phone call recorder and voice recorder as well. It has all the basic features of a call recording app.

The app offers features such as password protection of recorded calls, displays a notification when the recording is started, high-quality audio call recording, etc.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, I would say that the Call Recorder Pro app has made it very easy to record calls in even phones that don’t have this feature inbuilt.

I use Automatic Call Recorder app in my Samsung Galaxy S5, and I must say that it works perfectly fine on my phone. The recording audio is clear and it works with every call that is been made to me or calls that I make to others.

I have seen some people saying that the Call Recorder app doesn’t work, maybe their phone doesn’t support this awesome app.

The Call Recorder Pro app is working great for me and I am using it for a while now. All the recordings are automatically stored in my phone memory and the old calls are deleted automatically when the memory reaches its limit. This saves me a lot of time as I don’t have to manually find and delete the old calls.

You should keep one thing in mind while using Call Recorder app that old calls will be automatically deleted, so make sure to back up your important calls to your online storage.

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