Az Screen Recorder Pro Apk No Root v5.1.6 For Android Download

AZ Screen Recorder no root is one of the best screen recording apps for your Android Smartphone. You can download the free version of the AZ Screen Recorder from the Google Play or get the AZ Screen Recorder pro apk from this page. There are several screen recording apps available in the market like Du Recorder. If you would like you to download the Du Recorder Mod apk as well from our website.

If not, you can download the AZ Screen Recorder pro apk as well. Most of the people tend to like the AZ Screen Recorder because it doesn’t require the root permissions. You can simply download the app on your brand new smartphone and start recording videos right away. That is why, among several screen recording apps, the AZ Screen Recorder no root apk is the most popular one. The recording videos can be easily shared with your friends directly from the app.

App NameAZ Screen Recorder – No Root (Google Play Link)
CategoryVideo Players & Editors
Android Requirement5.0 and up


AZ Screen Recorder Pro Apk

People are constantly searching for a good video recording app for their Android phones but most people see that these kinds of apps require root permission. Sadly not all of the people know how to root a phone and not all of us want to root our phone. Since rooting a phone is a risky process, you should avoid all the other screen recording apps that require root permission. But if you are advanced Android user you can use the rooted apps as well. But for beginners, we would suggest going with the AZ Screen Recorder no root app.

When you are using the AZ Screen Recorder no root app, you are basically limitless. You can record Instagram videos, facebook videos, movies, or any gameplay of your favorite game. The app comes with a robust engine that gives you high-quality video recording without any lag. You will be able to record the videos with all the basic functions and advanced features as well.

If you are not experienced in recording stuff on your Android phone, then we would suggest you to start recording with all the basic features and settings. When you get advanced and get some experience then you can easily to move customizing the settings of the AZ Screen Recorder no root apk. The AZ Screen Recorder pro apk works with all almost all of the Android smartphones.

So if you are a hardcore gamer and want to share your gaming skills with the world then you can download the AZ Screen Recorder pro apk from our website. When you download the AZ Screen Recorder pro apk you get to enjoy all the premium features for free. Basically, we are providing you with the AZ Screen Recorder pro apk cracked version.

More About AZ Screen Recorder

The AZ Screen Recorder app has been featured on the many big websites and blogs. These publications include Yahoo News, Android Central, CNET, Android Police and many others. The app is very easy to use and comes with no time limit and watermark. The ad-free experience allows you to record your videos without any interruptions. To start or stop recording a video you have to perform very simple actions.

AZ Screen Recorder - No Root Sample Screenshot 1

With AZ Screen Recorder app you can make beautiful screencast videos by providing you with features that are necessary for creating an elegant user experience. The simple and the modern design makes sure that you are not lost when navigating inside the app and its functions. The AZ Screen Recorder lets you record videos with high-definition and full high-definition videos without any lag. Moreover, this app is the only screen recording app in the Google Play store that offers the functions to pause and resume while you are in the middle of the recording.

Apart from that, you can also record external audio using the mic of your phone. The external voice automatically syncs with the screen recording and gives you a seamless recording experience. This makes it very convenient for you to create great video tutorials, promotional videos using the AZ Screen Recorder app.

Additionally, the floating window that stays on the top will let you take a screenshot at the perfect moment on any screen. By going to the settings you can customize the app like the way you like. You can enable the screen touch feature that shows an animation every time you click on the screen. This feature alone will make your video tutorials stand apart from the crowd. You can also control the video resolution, bit-rate, and screen orientation. There are many more features available in the Pro version of the AZ Screen Recorder. The ad-free and not watermark experience can only be enjoyed if you have the AZ Screen Recorder pro apk, which you can download from this page.

AZ Screen Recorder Pro Apk Download

The AZ Screen Recorder no root app comes with two versions as it is with most of the apps. The free version of the AZ Screen Recorder no root can be downloaded from Google Play store. You can also download the free version from the third-party sites such as apkpure, uptodown. But we are providing you the AZ Screen Recorder mod apk to download for free. The AZ Screen Recorder mod apk has all the premium features unlocked that you otherwise have to pay for. You can download the app and record your videos with all the premium features that AZ Screen Recorder provides.

When you use the free version of the AZ Screen Recorder no root, you have many limitations. Limitations such as locked advanced features, and pop-ups, watermark, etc. On the other hand, if you have the pro version of the AZ Screen Recorder then you will get access to all the advanced features. Not to say that the advertisements will also vanish from the app. Now, it totally depends on you whether you want to use the free version of the AZ Screen Recorder or the Pro version. If you somehow, decide to use the Pro version of the AZ Screen Recorder then you can download it from the link given below.


Key Features

  • Magic Button allows you to control your recording without being shown at the screen. This means that the output of the video will not have the control button that you get to see while you are recording the video. This way your users can only focus on your steps and instructions or the game that you are playing.
  • Overlay Front Camera. With this feature, you can use your front camera picture in the recording. You can use your face to add your reactions to a video or something more fun. Your front camera’s video will appear in a small overlay window that you can move freely all around your screen. Moreover, you can customize the size and the opacity of the overlay window as well.
  • The Countdown Timer is used when you want to delay your recording after pressing the record button. You can set the countdown time in the setting section of the app.
  • Screen Draw feature allows you to make unique figures and drawings while you are recording a tutorial. You can use different options in the drawing window to really make an emphasis on your preferred area.
  • With the built-in video trimmer, you can create short videos that you can upload as your WhatsApp status. With the trim, videos feature you can remove all the unnecessary part of the video that does not make any sense to your viewers. Also, this will make your videos even more impressive.
  • Live stream features allow you to show the live screen recording of your smartphone’s screen your social networks.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, the AZ Screen Recorder pro apk is a must have an app in your app list. The app is very useful at the time when you see a funny video on Instagram or Facebook which you want to download quickly. At that scenario, you can use the AZ Screen Recorder app to record that video instead using a third-party website to download the video.

Apart from that, the AZ Screen Recorder pro apk has a very nice interface with a diverse amount of features. As said above you don’t need to root your phone for using all these features. You can use these features on your unrooted phone as well. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use the app on your rooted phone if you have already have rooted your phone.

The AZ Screen Recorder pro apk works very well with the rooted phone but it is not necessary. The features of this app are very easy and any layman person can use the app very easily. The design of the app is very clean and modern which is often complemented by the user of the app.

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