Best Premium Link Generator Review 2019 (You’ll Love It!)

By | February 7, 2019

There are many premium link generator service online but here I’m going to show the best premium link generator available in the market. This is the link generator which I use and using for quite a while. With this link generator service, you can generate premium links for rapidgator, hitfile, isracloud, ausfile, and many other hosts.

Nowadays, there are plenty of movies and tv shows being released every day and we want to watch all of them at the comfort of our home.

So we head over to the Internet and search for the latest movie to download and find a website that has the movie hosted on a premium file hoster. This is when we need a premium link generator.

waiting times and long downloading hours

Sadly, if you don’t have a way to generate the premium link, you have to wait for a long time and also face low-speed when downloading the file. So if you have a premium link you can download the file with high speed and without any waiting time.

What Is A Premium Link Generator

Basically, a premium link generator is a website that generates a premium link of an online host (such as rapidgator, hitfile)for maximum speed.

Normally, the people who use premium link generating service are the free users that haven’t bought the premium account from the host itself. Rather they use alternatives to generate a link that is similar to a link that is generated with a premium account.

There are several cloud storage websites that allow you to host your files online. These websites allow you to store your files online completely free, which you can then share with other people.

what is premium link generator

So let’s say you have uploaded a file and want to share it with your friends, you’ll send the link of the file to your friends. Your friends will then download that file using your link. The website which you used to host your file will pay you for each download or every 1000 downloads.

These websites also have premium accounts which give you very fast downloading speed and the file can be downloaded instantly. Unlike the free account, if you have a premium link for these online hosts, you can download your desired file without any waiting time.

If you don’t want to waste your time you can buy the premium account to get unlimited download and high-speed connection. It is better to buy a premium link generator instead.

Although there are several sites that give direct links to download files most of the times the link are dead. In fact, most of the times the copy of the most popular tv show or movie is hosted on a premium file hoster.

Different premium links hosters have different waiting limit for free users. I have seen some hosters which give access to a file within 30 seconds. But also there are some hosters that require you to waste your 3 minutes of time.

slow speed download

I hate waiting times as much as you do.

It’s not just about waiting times but also the download speeds. The download speed that these premium hosters provide to free users is worst. You may have to wait for hours on hours for your file to finish downloading.

Also, the premium plans for these file hosters are quite expensive. So it is better to opt for a reliable premium link generating service to generate premium links.

Best Premium Link Generator 2019

So the best premium link generator service that I’m talking about is– Debrid-Link.

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This is by far the best and most reliable link generating service online. It is better to use this link generator to generate premium links instead of wasting your time for the free download link. Some of the most famous premium file hosters are—rapidgator, uploaded, turbobit, rapidrar, hitfile.

Using Free Version Of The Link Generator

With the free version of this premium link generator, you can download files from and SoundCloud. Here is how to generate premium links for these two hosters. Simply follow the steps to get registered with this link generator.

1. First of all, go to Debrid-Link.

2. Next, click on the register button located at the top right corner.

3. Then fill your username, password, and the email to get started. Once you have filled all of your details accurately, simply click on the register button.

4. After the successful registration of your account, you’ll be automatically logged into your account.

generating premium links for free

As I mentioned earlier with the free version of this premium link generator, you can generate premium links of two file hosters namely and SoundCloud.

Here is how to generate the premium link of uploaded within seconds.

1. Just copy the link of the file that you want to download and paste it into the big white bar and then click on generate.

generating premium link for uploaded net

3.  You’ll see that the premium link for your desired fil has been generated successfully. Now you can use this link to download your file without any speed capping. Your file will be served with high-speed servers.

downloading using premium link uploaded net

See, that’s how easy it is.

By the way, offers the following plans for their premium links.

uploaded net premium plans

But you don’t have to pay a red cent to uploaded to download files from them. You can easily download files from with this premium link generator for free.

Using Paid Version Of The Link Generator

Apart from two free hosts, these websites also offer premium link generating services for many other hosts.

If you are looking for rapidgator premium link generator then this is the way to go. This website gives you the cheapest premium plans. I have used many other premium link generator services but I found Debrid-Link as the best.

When you’ll purchase any of the plans you will also earn a few points. These points can again be used to purchase a paid plan!

I think this is a win-win situation.

With Debrid-Link you can download files from more than 50 hoster and stream your files from more than 100 streams. So now, you don’t need to purchase the plans of every hoster from where you want to download your files.

Other most popular file hoster such as hitfile, ausfile are also supported in their premium plans. So that means that you easily generate rapidgator links too.

Many of the users are only looking for rapidgator premium link generator,

Here is a demo on how to generate the rapidgator premium link with this service.

1.  First of all, copy the link that you want to download. Paste the link in the rapidgator premium link generator.

best rapidgator premium link generator

2. Now select the option that says direct download. This will automatically start the download once the premium link is generated

3. Simply click on the Generate button to generate the premium link and start the downloading immediately.

rapidgator premium files download using idm

4. As you can see, the file has started downloading and the downloading speed, and with this rapidgator premium link generator you’ll surely get high-speed downloads.

Here is a list of top filehosters supported by this premium link generator:

  • Alfafile
  • Anonfile
  • Ausfile
  • Barbavid
  • Clicknupload
  • Datafilehost
  • Dropbox
  • Easybytez
  • Estream
  • Fileal
  • Filefactory
  • Filer
  • Filerio
  • Firedrop
  • Free
  • Googledrive
  • Hitfile
  • Hulkshare
  • Icerbox
  • Isracloud
  • Mega
  • Mexashare
  • Mystream
  • Oboom
  • Openload
  • Rapidgator
  • Rapidrar
  • Rapidvideo
  • Raptuvideo
  • Salefiles
  • Sendspace
  • Souncloud
  • Streamango
  • Streamin
  • Suprafiles
  • Thevideo
  • Turbobit
  • Tusfiles
  • Unibytes
  • Uploaded
  • Uptobox
  • Userscloud
  • Vev
  • Vidoza
  • Vidshare
  • Vidto
  • Vidup
  • Vipfile
  • Vshare
  • Youtube
  • Zippyshare

You can see, that there are a bunch of hosting platforms for which you can generate a premium link using this link generator.

The benefit of this is that you don’t need to purchase a different premium account for each file hosting site.

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