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CamScanner is known as the best application for scanning documents right from your Android Smartphone. The CamScanner has two versions. One is the CamScanner Free version and the other is the CamScanner Premium version.

In the CamScanner Premium version, a license key is required to activate all the features. But we are providing you CamScanner Premium apk with the license key on our website. You can download the pro version and enjoy all the premium features of CamScanner.

App NameCamScanner – Scanner to scan PDF (Google Play Link)
Android Requirement
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CamScanner Premium Apk

CamScanner is the number 1 mobile document scanning application. You can scan your documents quickly and easily and share them right away. This app makes your world a whole lot easier because you don’t have to have an actual scanner to scan your important documents.

The CamScanner app has been installed by over 60 million people over 200 countries and regions around the globe. This app is also voted as the Editor’s choice and was recognized as the 50 best apps in the whole Google Play store by the TIME magazine. Not only TIME magazine other big brands such as and are also talking about this app as one of the best scanner apps in the whole Android market.

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In the free version of the CamScanner, the PDF files that are created by scanning the documents has an automatically generated watermark on it. This watermark says “Generated by CamScanner”. Also, the Evernote/SkyDrive websites uploading feature is only available for 7 days.

Not to say that the app comes with advertisements as well. But the pro version of the CamScanner has many features that the free version lacks. Features such as no-ads, no-watermark, no uploading time limit and many others.

Download CamScanner Pro Apk

With CamScanner Premium License Apk you get to use all the features that locked in the free version. With CamScanner Premium apk you get to scan your documents in ultra high-quality. The watermark of the CamScanner is also removed from the premium version that used to appear on the PDF files created by the free version of the app.

Also, in the free version of the app, websites such as Evernote/SkyDrive uploading feature has a limited time span. But in the premium version of the CamScanner Evernote/SkyDrive uploading feature will not expire. So you don’t have to worry about reconnecting these websites after a certain amount of time.

Since the premium version of the CamScanner requires a license key to be purchased, you don’t have any ads in the pro version either. You don’t have to purchase the CamScanner Premium apk from the Google Play because you can download it from this page for free.


Key Features Of The App

  • Use the OCR feature to export the text in the image into a .txt file. Even you choose the export option as a WORD document or an EXCEL sheet
  • Allows you to download multiple PDF files using the web app
  • Create a secured document link that can be used to securely share your important documents with others
  • The maximum number of collaborators can have an extra 40 people
  • Get to add extra 10GB space to your cloud storage
  • The ID mode scan feature
  • No annoying ads in the app and the watermark on your PDF files
  • Make a collage of two separate documents. You can use this feature to easily combine two scanned images into one image
  • Allows you to generate E-signature that you can paste on any scanned document
  • The Book Mode Scan feature allows you to quickly scan a book

Features Of CamScanner Premium Apk

Quickly convert your documents in the digital format. Using your phone’s camera you can scan any kind of paper document and save it as a digital format. The CamScanner makes it very easy to scan all kinds of paper documents including but not limited to receipts, notes, invoices, whiteboard discussions, business cards, certificates. Either you want your college documents to upload on Google Drive or you want to save the latest whiteboard presentation of your office, you always have the CamScanner as your companion.

Scan your documents with high-quality. When you scan a document with CamScanner, the app automatically detects the border of the paper document and suggests you crop the document for better quality. This feature is known as the smart cropping feature by the CamScanner developers. Not to mention, that the auto enhancing feature of the app ensures that your the graphics and the text that appears on your documents are clear and crisp. The Quality of the scanned document is also automatically enhanced with the help of the premium colors and resolutions.

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Extract text from an image. This feature is popularly known as the Optical Character Recognization (OCR). Basically what this feature does is that it automatically detects the text in your image and convert into a text file for you. You can save the extracted text from the images as a .txt file and further share it with your friends. This is the feature of the CamScanner Premium apk only which you can download from the link given above.

More About The App

Share JPEG/PDF Files on the go. When you scan a document you get to save it in two different formats. You can either choose to save the document as a JPEG image or as a PDF file. Both the options are good when you want to share the documents with your friends. But remember the CamScanner Premium apk don’t have the watermark like the free version. If you are downloading the free version of the CamScanner from the Google Play store then the PDF files will have a watermark in it. You can also share these files on your social media or send it as an attachment via email or use a messaging app.

Quick Search features allow you to tag your documents. By tagging your documents when you have plenty of them lets you categorize and easily find them whenever you want them. Added, the Optical Character Recognization feature gives you the power to scan words inside an image. Simply enter the word that you want to search in an image and the app will quickly take you that location in the image.

Password protect your important documents. With the secure important documents feature the CamScanner takes the privacy to a new level. You can set a password to your scanned documents so that only the authorized person can view the document. Not only that, but you can also set a passcode when you send a download link to others so that it can be protected from any unauthorized person.

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With the advanced document editing feature, you get access to a full set of editing tools that you can use to customize your scanned documents. You can add custom watermarks, add annotations in the document and much more.

Wrap Up

So this was all about the CamScanner Premium apk. This is the licensed apk of the CamScanner app that you are getting to download for free. With CamScanner you can scan and manage your documents with very ease.

With CamScanner you can easily manage your bills, invoices, notes, memos, letters, tax rolls, business card, certificates, identity documents, and many other documents. Also, you get to save all these scanned documents to your personal cloud storage. The supported cloud storage websites are Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and

This feature is very crucial and important nowadays because wants to have a backup copy of their digital documents. With the CamScanner premium apk, you get to upload to these cloud storage solutions automatically, which eventually saves you a lot of time.

So what are you waiting for? Download the licensed version of the CamScanner and enjoy all the unlocked features for free.

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