Clean Master Pro Apk v7.2.1 Full Version Free Download [Cracked+Latest]

If you are serious about optimizing your smartphone then the Clean Master Pro apk is the best solution for it. The Clean Master app is widely popular among people who want their smartphone device to perform better than usual. The app popularity speaks for itself and a huge userbase adds a cherry to the cake. When you go to the Google Play store you can see that the Clean Master app has been downloaded by over 1 Billion people.

Now, that’s a huge number. The app has not gained this much download only by chance, the fact is that this app really performs very well when it comes to optimizing your phone.

App NameClean Master – Antivirus, Applock & Cleaner (Google Play Link)
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Clean Master Pro Apk

Nowadays, people don’t care about anything when it comes to downloading things. You may also be such a person who loves to download lots of funny videos and gifs for social media or WhatsApp. And that is totally fine, we all love to share the fun with others and this makes our chat more enjoyable. But at times these files can take a huge amount of space in your phone which may result in slow performance. To detect the things that are causing the device to slow down you have to use apps like Clean Master Pro apk.

clean master junk cleaner and antivirus

This app will automatically boost up your phone by cleaning junk files and temporary app data. The performs marginally better than the other apps in the phone optimization category, which is why it has gained so much popularity. It is no doubt for us in saying that the Clean Master app is the best optimization tool for Android smartphones. With the use of the Clean Master app, you can clean off the temporary data that many of the Android apps stores in the internal memory.

Clean Master Pro Apk Download

If you are a person who loves to test and try new apps and keeps on installing and uninstalling apps on a frequent basis then you should be using Clean Master Pro app. This app will properly optimize your phone and will make sure that you never get full storage warning just because of the junk files on your phone. Now you can continue your journey to testing new apps with a peace of mind when you know that the Clean Master app will take care of your device.

Not only the app will save you from high storage warnings by removing temporary data but also from virus and malware. The Clean Master actively monitors the state of your Android phone in order to detect any kind of virus on your phone or harmful site that you may accidentally visit. You don’t have to install any add-on or plugin for Clean Master in order for the antivirus functions to work, because it comes in-built in the app. When you download the Clean Master Pro apk you get to use tools–junk files removal, antivirus, phone boost, CPU cooler, WiFi security. All these functions will literally make your device a powerhouse speed and performance.

So what are you waiting for? download the Clean Master Pro apk from our page and enjoy.


Key Features Of The App

The clean Master app is not just a junk file cleaner but more than that. Not only it acts as a space cleaner but also keeps your device safe from viruses. Here are the key features that the Clean Master app gives you:

Junk Files Cleaner

The app will automatically detect the junk and residual files on your smartphone and ask you to remove them. These residual and junk files are not useful at all and are only their to eat up your phone storage. It is a great choice to remove them and free up some space on your device for the important stuff.

In-built Antivirus

The antivirus feature of the app blocks all the virus and malware that might affect your phone in any way. Not only the app scans your files but also the apps that you install as well as the preinstalled apps. The Clean Master app uses the antivirus engine that is certified by the AV-TEST.

Wi-Fi Security

You can keep yourself safe from connecting to insecure Wi-Fi around you with the help of this feature.

Mobile Booster

With just one tap you can boost the performance of your device by cleaning the RAM on your phone. This feature will smartly reinstate the RAM that has been taken by the apps running in the background.

Battery Saver

You don’t need to install any third-party battery saver app when you have the Clean Master app. This in-built function of the app will extend the battery life and will give you longer hours on your phone.

Wrap Up

So this was all about the Clean Master Pro apk that you can download from this page and boost your device performance. No doubt, that the Clean Master is all in one tool for keeping your device safe, secure and optimized. You can also download the Clean Master app from the Google Play store. We have provided the official link on the top of this page. The free version of the app is supported by ads and it will not provide you the full features of the app. To use all the premium features of the app you have to pay a few bucks but you don’t have to, because you are getting the Pro version for free here.

After downloading the app you can remove all the temporary files and malware (if any) from your smartphone. The Clean Master app will run a scan on your device and let you know the files that are taking huge space on your phone. Usually, these are the app cache and data and junk files. To make your work easy the app will also give you an option to clean all these junk files and data in a single click. Normally, it is reported that the junk files and the temporary data files are the culprits of slowing down the phone. That is why everybody, who wish to keep their device clean and optimized must use the Clean Master app.

With the built-in antivirus of the Clean Master app, you can scan your device and keep yourself free from any danger. The battery saver feature of the app also works very well that keeps your phone going for long hours. You will notice that the battery life of your phone has drastically improved after installing the Clean Master app. With the RAM cleaner, you can boost your phone before you are going to play a heavy game, which comes quite handy for gamers. The CPU cooler is also a great addition to the Clean Master app functions. With so many features in just one app, it becomes quite appealing to download and use the app. If you haven’t felt the power of the Clean Master app yet, then it is the right time to use it.

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