Free Music Player Mixerbox For PC (Windows 7, 8, 10) And Mac

MixerBox is a very popular free music player. With MixerBox you can listen to free MP3 songs and videos with your smartphone. The app comes with two versions. Once a version is MixerBox pro and the other is MixerBox lite.

The Pro version of the MixerBox is equipped with all the basic and advanced features of this music player. But in the MixerBox lite version, only the main functions are provided. The lite version is good if you have low space on your Smartphone.

free music player mixerbox

The Pro version is better if you want to enjoy the full functionality and the features offered by MixerBox free music MP3 Player.

How To Download Free Music Player MixerBox For PC


 To download MixerBox Free Music Player on your computer or PC you have to first install software called bluestacks. This is a software that allows you to install Android apps on your PC or computer.

The software like this are known as Android emulators. There are many Android emulators available in the market but only a few of them actually does what they tell you. Bluestacks is among the best emulator and the other one is the Nox app player.

To download free music player mixer box on your PC simply follow the steps that I’m about to show you:
1. Go to bluestacks and download the software for your computer and install it. The installation process is simple and if you want a guide about installing bluestacks you can read the guide install bluestacks without any errors.

2. Once you have bluestacks ready on your PC or laptop, simply go to Play store and search for “Free Music Player Mixerbox”. Download the version that you need. There are two version one is lit and the other is pro.

3. Install Mixerbox and enjoy it your PC.

Wrap Up: Free Music Player MixerBox

So this was all about installing the free music player MixerBox that is available on the Google Play store. Here are some of the features of MixerBox that I would like to highlight.

The app comes with a lot of features inbuilt. Some of the features of Mixer box includes:

Sleek Design: The design of the app is very intuitive and user-friendly.

Preview Mode: There is a feature called “Fast Preview Mode” that allows you to play a song for just 20 seconds to decide whether you like it or not. This is a good feature to use when you are on the hunt of new songs. With this way you can discover a lot of free songs quickly that you can then add to your playlist to browse later.

Song Lyrics Playback: If you are playing a video song on MixerBox you can also switch on the caption mode if you would like to see the lyrics of the songs. This feature of MixerBox is very much appreciated by its users. But not all the songs have captions, so you have to search elsewhere if your favorite song doesn’t have the lyrics in it. But in most of the cases, popular songs have the captions enabled.

Music Discovery: This is another great feature of MixerBox that will help you to discover the songs playing around you. So suppose if you hear a song in playing near that when you are sitting in a restaurant, then you can quickly scan the music with MixerBox. The MixerBox app will then give you the details of the song playing.

Song Suggestions: The MixerBox app recommends you song automatically based on your interests.

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