Geometry Dash Apk Mod v2.1 Download For Free [Full Unlocked]

Geometry Dash is one of the most engaging games that you can find on Google Play. The game comes with good graphics and a simple interface. When you hit the play button you are presented with a small cube avatar which you have to save from all the obstacles coming forward.

The avatar will be continuously moving forward at a steady pace and you have to make it jump over the obstacles by clicking on the screen once. With just one click on the avatar will jump and you will get over the obstacle.

But this game is not so easy as it sounds in the description above. When you will play the game you will get an idea of how this game will keep you engaged the whole day.

There are different levels in the Geometry Dash game which obviously have there own set of difficulty. As you start clearing the lower levels and move up to the higher levels the difficulty will be increased and you have to put more effort into passing the levels.

App NameGeometry Dash Lite (Google Play Link)
Android Requirement4.0 and up


Geometry Dash Mod Apk

The game developers have done a great job in eliminating all the unnecessary control options from the playback screen. The only control is that jump or roll option that happens when you touch your screen.

Apart from awesome graphics the game also comes with very hippy background music as well. When you play the game you will find that the music of the game changes as you proceed further in the game. This makes it a very engaging because the music completely syncs with the gaming playback.

geometry dash game gameplay Screenshot_1

You can even change the soundtrack by going to the settings option of the game. Simply navigate to the Settings->songs and download your desired soundtrack. Moreover, as you become good at playing the game you will start unlocking game achievements. Some of the game achievements include–Stereo Bump, Stereo Madness, On My way, etc.

Download Geometry Dash Mod Apk

Even if you are a newbie and just discovered the Geometry Dash game, you can still get very good at it by playing the game in practice mode. This is how I got started playing this game. At first, you might find it difficult to play but as you practice and get a view of what lies ahead you will soon begin to overcome all the obstacles.

But anyways, I have shared with you the modded version of the Geometry Dash app. This the fully unlocked version of the Geometry Dash game where you have all the levels already unlocked for you. Now you don’t have to stress yourself to play the higher levels because you can simply do it now without having to clear lower levels. This is the Geometry Dash apk full version that you can easily download on your device by clicking the link below.


Features Of The Geometry Dash

  • Background music rhythm designed to match with the game playback that gives a very cool and unique environment while playing.
  • Customize your little cube avatar with different colors and icons by playing and unlocking different characters and colors.
  • Use the practice mode to train yourself and then jump on to the real level to quickly clear the levels. When you get good enough start creating your own levels and share them with your friends.
  • Features such as flying rockets and flipping the gravity of the game.

Wrap Up

The main objective of the Geometry Dash game is to reach the finish line without being hit by any obstacle. With every level, you clear the game becomes more and more difficult and you have to pay more attention to rich to the finish line. The speed of the gameplay cannot be controlled the since avatar of the game moves at a steady pace. So that means you have no control over the speed of the avatar.

It also means that you have to adapt to the speed at which the avatar is moving and act quickly to jump over any obstacle before you are hit by any one of them. When you proceed further in the levels you will see that different kind of barriers start coming. This is to make the game a little difficult and hence more engaging and interesting.

Moreover, you can customize the difficulty of the game by switching to modes such as easy, normal, hard, harder and insane one. The demon mode is the final difficulty mode of this game. I hope by reading the name of the mode “demon” you got a feel how hard it will be.

Even when you cleared all the difficulty levels you can still step up the game to your choice by building your own custom level. This custom game levels can build from inside the game and you can even share the game level with others to challenge them and see how well they do.

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