Hitfile Premium Link Generator 2018: The Best In The Market

If you are looking for the hitfile premium link generator you have come to the right place. In this article, you’ll discover the best premium link generator for hitfile. Now you no longer have to wait for any of your downloads to start, which is a headache if you don’t have a premium account.

You already know that cloud storage is booming right now. People are storing their data online which gives them easy access from anywhere. Moreover, when they have their data on a host such as hitfile, it becomes easy to share it with friends and family.

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I have been in the place where I wanted to download a file from the hitfile host but didn’t have the hitfile premium account. So I had to compromise with my time and waited to downloaded my file with the free account.

But after doing some research for the hitfile premium link generator, I came across many premium link generator for hitfile.

But sadly only a few of them actually worked, some of them were filled with lots of ads and some were having the size download limit.

But I kept searching and I found the best hitfile downloader. So here is the hitfile premium link generator that you are surely going to love.

Hitfile Premium Link Generator

You don’t have to buy hitfile premium account but you can generate premium links for hitfile with the link generator that I’m going to share.

So the premium hitfile link generator that I’m talking about is debrid-link. This is by far the best link generator that I have found in my research. You can totally rely on this link generator to download your files with premium account support.

So here is how it works. First, you need to get registered with this hitfile premium link generator:

1. First, go to the website Debrid-Link.

2. You can see the register button on the top right corner, simply click it and you’ll be taken to the registration page.

register for debrid-link

3. After that fill all the necessary details such as the username, password, and your email.

4. Once you filled all your details accurately simply click on the checkbox that says I agree with the terms and then hit register.

5. After the successful registration, you’ll be automatically taken to the dashboard of your account.

generating premium links for free

In the free version of this premium link generator, you can generate premium links of two file hosters namely uploaded.net and SoundCloud.

Here is a demo of generating a premium link of uploaded with this premium generator.

1. I simply copied the link of the file that I want to download.

2. Then went into my dashboard and pasted the link into the big white bar. Once that’s done I clicked on generate button to generate the premium link.

generating premium link for uploaded net

3. Once the link was generated I simply clicked on the download button to download it. That how easy it is.

downloading using premium link uploaded net

4. Here you can see the speed of this premium link generator. Certainly, you don’t have to wait too long even for downloading huge files.

uploaded net premium link download

Download Files With Hitfile Premium Account

To generate and download hitfile premium links you need to pay a little amount. You have to buy a premium plan for this link generator. Now don’t get afraid, the premium plans are dirt cheap. This premium link generator has the cheapest rates in the market. I have researched it and found it as the best link generator that you can heavily rely on.

Have a look a the premium plans of this link generator:

pricing of premium plans

These plans are very cheap as compared to hitfile premium accounts, which you can see here.

hitfile premium account plans

You certainly don’t have to pay that much to hitfile itself when you have found the hitfile premium link generator for very cheap. You can buy the cheapest premium plan which is only 3 euro for 15 days.

This hitfile premium link generator also offers you a wide variety of options to pay for the plans. Here are the payment options:

payment options available

Once you have that you are good to go.

So here is what you need to do for generating and downloading hitfile premium links.

1. Copy the file link which is hosted on hitfile and you wish to download.

2. Then paste the link in the downloader section and click on the generate button.

generating hitfile premium link

3. A premium link for you hitfile hosted file will be generated and you’ll be able to download the file with no waiting time and with high-speed.

downloading with hitfile premium link

Rundown: Hitfile Premium Link Generator

So that was all about the hitfile premium link generator. You don’t have to sign up for the paid account right away. First, sign up with the free account and then evaluate the premium link generator on your own.

Once you are comfortable with the interface you can upgrade to a paid plan. You have to purchase a paid plan if you wish to download hitfile premium links.

I’m very happy with the service that this hitfile premium link generator is providing. You too will be pleased with their quality of service.

So what are you waiting for?  sign up today!

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