How To Check Vodafone Number: Just Dial This Code!

By | May 14, 2019

Hello friends, while searching for new blog ideas, I stumbled upon this question that many people were facing. How to check Vodafone number?

Yes, it is the same question for which you are here. Many people were searching for how to check your own number on Vodafone. So I thought I should write a short blog post on covering this topic.

I know in this age of technology and mobile phones we tend to rely completely on our smartphones which results in cases like this. Where we don’t even remember our own phone number. This is not the case only for you but many of us face this problem.

So here is how to check Vodafone number.

No matter you are using Vodafone prepaid or Vodafone postpaid the process of checking your own phone number in Vodafone is just the same.

How To Know My Vodafone Number?

vodafone number check using vodafone app

The process of checking mobile number from Vodafone sim is very straightforward and simple. I’m going to share with you two method that will allow you to check your own Vodafone phone number on your mobile.

Method 1: Vodafone Number Check Using USSD Code

This is the simplest and the quickest method to check your Vodafone number. This is an inbuilt functionality that is provided by all mobile operators.

1. Type the USSD code *111*2# in the dialpad of your mobile phone.

how to know my vodafone number

2. Now simply click on the dial button. Wait for a few seconds and your phone number should pop up.

This is was the one way of checking your number using your own mobile phone. Another method is by installing the official My Vodafone app in your smartphone.

Method 2: Vodafone Number Check Using My Vodafone App

Simply go to the Google Play Store and search for My Vodafone.

1. Install the first app that shows up in the search.

vodafone number check using my vodafone app

2. After installing the My Vodafone app open it and allow all the necessary permissions that it asks you. Now the next step would be to verify your Vodafone number.

how to check your number on vodafone

3. Once you have granted the required permission the app will verify your number. This will be done by sending an OTP on your phone number. Simply fill the OTP received in the box and click on the verify button.

This is a single time process and is only required for the first time you log into the My Vodafone app.

4. Now your app will be opened and you will your Vodafone number being displayed at the top left corner below your name.

Wrap Up

So, I hope these methods were enough to solve the problem of finding your Vodafone number. But make sure that the next time when you need your phone number you have it in your mind.

You don’t want to look foolish in front of other people when they ask you for your phone number and can’t seem to remember your mobile number.

So better practice remembering your mobile number. I would suggest you write down your phone number on a piece of paper and look at it for few times in a day.

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