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The LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects is one of the best apps that you will ever get to use, for all your photo editing needs. LightX Pro app is a photo editing and remaking app. The LightX Pro apk has a lot of features that the free version of the app don’t have. The Light Pro apk can be downloaded from this page for free. You do not have to pay for the LightX Pro version because you have the opportunity to download the Pro version for free.

You can enjoy all the premium image editing features and make your photos really come alive. We are sure that when you will edit your photos with the LightX Pro version you will be complemented by your friends. This is because the app has a wide range of tools and effects for your image editing process. You can edit your image in whatever the way you want it to look. Recently, we have published PicsArt Gold apk for free as well. You can check it out after downloading LightX photo editor pro apk.

App NameLightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects (Google Play Link)
Android Requirement
4.1 and up


LightX Pro Apk

No matter if you just want to add a shadow or want to blend your image next to a world wonder Taj Mahal, it’s all within your hands. The only thing that will limit you while using the LightX Pro app is your creativity. We would suggest you to not overthink about things when editing your photos and allow your creativity to roam freely. This way you would definitely come up with some great ideas and tricks to edit your photos in a much more professional manner.

The LightX Pro apk has a lot of amazing features that are not available in the free version. The LightX Photo Editor allows you to create cartoons of your photos, add stickers, make and customize photo collages, make a transparent background, blur the background, change hair color, and much more. You will be thrilled to use the app when you get to know all the features that the LightX Photo Editor has to offer. You can also create a funny meme of yourself with the textual content and apply effects such as curves, shading, image effects, etc. Apart from that, you can also adjust the contrast, brightness, hue, saturation and many other things in your image.

More About LightX

The Andor Communications Pvt Ltd, which is the developer of the LightX photo editing app has done a great job in coding the most advanced image manipulation software for Android. It is probably the best photo editing apps in the Android market right now. Although the LightX app has very advanced features still, they have not included the basic feature that most of the other apps in the same category have. And, that feature is the robust mixture of fonts for the Text tool. Some people don’t like this fact that the LightX app has such an amazing list of features but lacks the few basics. But still, the people love the app regardless of the app having left out some basic features.

lightx photo editor and photo effects screenshot sample 1

The LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects is a free app and is supported by advertisements. You may find the ads annoying which would eventually stop from using this awesome app. That is why we are sharing with you the LightX Pro apk. The LightX Pro apk has not advertisements and some pretty advanced features and more customization options as well. The app also offers video tutorials that will help you whenever you are stuck and don’t know where to begin. At first, you might not get the tutorial’s instruction but you can rewatch the video tutorial as many times as you want to seriously understand the editing process. So what are you waiting for? take your editing skills to the next level by download the LightX Pro apk.

LightX Pro Apk Download Free

There is no hesitation from our side in saying that the LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects is one of the most robust photo editors for Android phones. Of course, the free version has some limitations like advertisements, but the popularity of the app speaks for itself.

The LightX app has received 4.6 stars rating from 370,280 of its users and is downloaded by over 10 million people all around the world. We are providing you here the apk of LightX Pro for free. You can simply download the app from the link given below and use all the premium features.


When you will use the LightX Pro apk, we are sure that you are going to love the app and be totally satisfied with it. Every time you will open your app you will automatically find new ways of editing your photos. When you will begin to use the app more frequently you will be a professional photo editor if you are starting from the beginning right now. If you are already a professional photo editor, then the Pro version of LightX is going to serve you as well. You will gradually see yourself improving in your editing skills and will begin to enjoy the app as you are editing your photos.

Key Features

  • With the help of the Lasso tool, you can easily change the photo background.
  • Get cutouts from your photos and superimpose them on any other photos’ background.
  • Apply different colors on the different parts of the images using the splash photo effects.
  • Blend your photos with the diverse amount of blend modes like lighten blend, darken blend to create multiple exposure photo effects.
  • Professional photo manipulation tools such as curves, levels, color balance.
  • Automatically sharpen your photos. You can even use the manual options as well to sharpen or smoothen your images.
  • A diverse range of selfie filters to choose from.
  • Make your face skin look clear in your selfies by removing the blemishes and pimples from your face.
  • Easily blur the background of your portrait images.
  • Various amount of image filter is available like Vintage, Retro, Black and White, Grunge, Drama, Analog filters and Glow effects.
  • Advanced photo transforming tools such as rotate, crop, perspective.
  • The app has all the basic photo editing features for changing brightness, contrast, exposure, hue, saturation, intensity, shadows, mid-tones, highlights, temperature, tint, and color.
  • Apply different blur options to make your photos look professional.
  • Create a cartoonist photo of yourself by using the reshape tool. You can also add caricature effects as well.
  • Combine several photos in one image by using the collage feature. You can choose the predefined collage templates and customize them later according to your needs.
  • Apply photo frames to your favorite photos. Photo frames such as grunge, birthday, color, vintage & love photo frames along with many others are available.

Wrap Up

The LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects is a must have an app in your collection of photo editing tools. The LightX Pro apk comes with lots of advanced features that you can use as well to amplify your editing skills. When we tested the app we got the feeling that the app is like a mini version of the Photoshop software of adobe. And yes, it definitely is not less than the mini version of the Photoshop. The app has a very nice interface and navigation menus. The apps come with very accurate editing precision, which will make sure that you look perfect in all your photos. You can then upload your images to social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram to get complimented by your friends as well.

Of course, there are many photo editing apps in the market, but the LightX Photo Editor has some unique tools that other apps don’t have. The developers of the app are very quick to respond to any of the query posted by their users. They are constantly working towards improving this and adding more features with each update. If you are new to photo editing and don’t know which app to pick for editing, then we would be happy to recommend the LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects.

Moreover, you can download the LightX Pro apk from this page and enjoy all the pro features for free. The LightX app is very easy to use and is totally suited for beginners and as well as advanced users. Every day when you are going to use the LightX app, we are sure that you are surely going to discover some neat tricks to edit your images and make them look flawless.

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