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Moon+ reader pro is one of the best ebook readers out there. You may have tried many other ebook readers available on the Google Play but nothing touches the features of the Moon+ reader pro app. The app comes with a free version and a pro version. The pro version of the app costs around $5 which you can buy from the Google Play store. But if you want to try the Moon+ reader pro app before buying it then you can download the app from this page.

We are providing you the Moon reader pro apk mod that has all the features of the premium versions. The app has all the standard features and the premium features as well that are unlocked by modding the app. No doubt, why so many people are craving to download the Moon reader pro apk since it has lots of customization features to offer.

App NameMoon+ Reader Pro (Google Play Link)
CategoryBooks & Reference
Android Requirement
Varies with device


Moon Reader Pro Apk

You might have decided to choose the Moon+ reader app after trying several ebook readers, among which Moon reader is the number choice of yours. There is no doubt in saying that anybody using moon reader can easily vouch for the quality and experience that it delivers.

The app comes with all the basic and advanced customizations and it supports all the commonly used formats. Moon reader is exceptionally compatible that uses less of your phone battery and offers you features such as a blue-light filter. The blue-light filter can be used at night so that your eyes won’t get tired after a while of reading. Not only that, but you also get a built-in dictionary to look for all the complex words that you don’t know the meaning of. I am sure after downloading the Moon reader pro apk mod you’ll be very happy and it will become your go-to app for reading ebooks.

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You might have that there are many ebook formats available in the market. So instead of having a separate app for opening each of the formats, you can use the Moon reader pro apk to have them open all of them. Now you don’t have to install multiple apps for reading ebooks of different file formats. You can open docs, read books, apply different themes all with the latest Moon reader pro apk.

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With Moon reader, pro apk you can make quick notes inside your documents and make them sticky to easily search the stuff from the reader. The Moon+ Reader Pro is highly customizable yet simple to use. You can easily change the UI of the app and other functions as well like a breeze. The design of the app is simple and elegant. The app interface is quick to respond and you also have the menu options that are subgrouped to make things easier for you to find.

Download Moon Reader Pro Apk Mod

After using the Moon reader pro apk you will notice that this app is like no other e-reader out there. The other e-reader apps that are available in the market has half as much customization options as this app. The app also supports feature such as book cover download with the long tap, download Google fonts, and set tags to manage your digital book library.


Standard Features

moon reader pro the best ebook reader

  • Supports various visual options like font scaling, line spacing, fading edge, etc. You can customize your text as you like. You can make the text bold, italic, underlined, apply shadow, etc.
  • Premium looking themes to fit your needs. Including the Day & Night Mode feature to take your reading experience to the next level.
  • Diverse kinds of paging options are available like volume keys, search or even camera.
  • 24 Personalized functions such as screen click, hardware keys, a swipe gesture that can be applied to 15 specially made events. These events include bookmark, navigation, font size, themes and more.
  • Auto-scroll modes option is also available if you are feeling tired to scroll by your hand. Options like rolling blind mode make it intuitive to use Moon Reader Pro which also has real-time speed control.
  • Quickly adjust the brightness of the app screen by simply sliding your finger along the left edge of the screen.
  • Automatically indent paragraphs inside your ebooks and trim unwanted white spaces.
  • If you read a lot then you can keep your eyes healthy by using the inbuilt eyes health options.
  • Animation of the turning page makes it look like you are reading a real book. You can choose from 5 different flip animations. You can customize the animation with speed, color, and transparency as well.
  • Design your personalized bookshelf using the different tabs available such as Favorites, Authors, Downloads, etc.
  • Use the dual page mode if you are using a table or reading in the landscape screen.
  • Easily backup and restore your digital library to the cloud via DropBox, sync reading positions across all of your devices.
  • Bluelight Filter to block harmful blue rays. The app can filter up to 95% of the blue light.
  • In-built text highlighting feature, dictionary for complex words, and the translation feature are available as well.

Pro Features

  • No annoying ads to disturb you while reading. Makes your reading experience much smoother and faster.
  • Shake your phone to convert the text into speech using the TTS engine.
  • Supports PDF files as well with all the features such as highlight, annotation, handwriting, etc.
  • Allows you to see how much time are you taking to grow your mind by providing you with the reading statistics.
  • Extra premium themes are available to customize the look of the app. Background image support is also added.
  • Customize the reading bar according to your taste.
  • Allows you to control the app using the headset and Bluetooth keys.
  • Password protect your ebooks.
  • Add a specific book to your home screen using the shortcut feature only available in the Moon Reader Pro apk.
  • Allows you to share your highlighted text, annotations, and bookmarks with your friends.
  • Added support of cloud drives like Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Additional nigh mode themes are available for the PDF files.

Wrap Up

If you have been using the free version of the Moon+ Reader then you will love the Moon+ Reader Pro apk. Probably you might already have many ebooks in your Moon Reader app. Don’t worry, you can easily transfer all your ebooks from the free version to the Pro version of Moon Reader. Just click on the “Options – Backup” in the free version and then select the “Restore” in the Moon Reader Pro. Although, when you install the Pro version of the app will show you these instructions when you install the app for the first time. But still, if you have forgotten the instruction you can simply follow the steps that I mentioned.

The Moon Reader Pro apk has everything that you would like to do from an e-reader. It’s pretty and very functional at the same time. If you have a tablet then you can use the feature called dual page view. This will make your reading experience much easier.

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