How To Download And Install Nox App Player On Windows & Mac

Nox app player is the best alternative to the bluestacks android emulator. So, in this post you are going to learn about nox app player. The nox app player is widely used and very popular among gamers and PC users who want to use Android applications on their laptops or computers. The nox app player is an Android emulator that can be installed on your Windows or Mac PC/Laptop to simulate an Android environment.

You may have also heard about the bluestacks android emulator, which is a very popular emulator to run Android apps on PC/Laptop. I have also written a post on the bluestacks android emulator which shows you how you can install and use the bluestacks android emulator on your PC/Laptop successfully and without any errors.

The nox android emulator is the alternative for the bluestacks player. the bluestacks emulator has a huge user base and it comes out to be the first choice for people who want to run Android apps on their PC/Laptop. Besides the popularity of the bluestacks, it is very processor heavy and requires decent specifications to run smoothly.

How To Download And Install Nox App Player On Windows & Mac

So if you don’t have a very high-end specification on your PC/Laptop you can use the nox app player.

The nox android emulator requires very fewer specs and can even run on PC’s having old processors or RAMs. The nox emulator has a stunning user interface and easy to navigate and setup. The nox player has features ranges from the very basics to many advanced features as well.

When using nox android emulator you are going to have an amazing experience of running Android on your PC/Laptop. Since it requires fewer specifications it is less likely to hang and therefore you can enjoy playing your games on it.

Here are the requirements for the nox player. Nox player does not require a heavy specifications PC. You can enjoy all the android apps on your PC even if you have low RAM. Although the greater specifications of your computer are surely going to boost the performance but are not required.

Follow the steps to successfully download and install the nox app player without any errors:

1. Go to the official website of the nox app player to download the file or you can simply click on the below links to download the app player instantly.

2. Depending on your Internet connection speed the file will be downloaded within few moments. Once the file is downloaded click on the file to start the installation.
android nox player install and download
3. A new window will open, make sure you check the box that says I have read and accepted the Nox License Agreement. Then click on the Install button.
nox app player for mac and pc download and install
4. The installation of nox app player will start and will take only few minutes to complete the installation. If you face any errors during the installation, then turn off your antivirus software and try again.
nox laptop emulator install on pc and mac
5. When the installation of the nox player is successful you will see the below a screen like below. Press the start button to start using the nox emulator.nox app player download and usage on pc and mac
6. In the beginning, it will take a few moments to start up the app player.
nox android emulator starting up
7. You can now see that the nox android emulator has started successfully. You’ll be presented the tutorial of the app player. You can take the tutorial if you want to but it is now necessary.
nox app player for mac pc
If you are curious about what all the features of the nox emulator does then you must take the tutorial.
The nox app player is filled with a huge number of customizations and advanced features. You’ll not be able to discover all the features for the first time, but as you begin to use the emulator you’ll get better using it.

Requirements Of Nox App Player


Minimum Requirements (One instance)Recommended Specifications (2-3 instances)
Operating SystemWindows XP SP3 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 10 (latest Service Pack) and DirectX 9.0cWindows 7 / Windows 10 (latest Service Pack)
ProcessorAt least dual-core processor, both Intel, and AMD are OKMultiple core processors which support VT-x or AMD-V Virtualization Technology, better performance with this function enabled
VideoSupports Open GL 2.0 or aboveThe higher the performance the better
Memory1.5 GB RAM4 GB RAM
Storage1 GB available under installation path, 1.5 GB available hard drive space
InternetBroadband internet connection
MediaNo special requirements
ResolutionNo special requirements

New Features and Optimization of the NoxPlayer

Here are the new features that were introduced in the latest NoxPlayer With the new version of nox app player you will notice significant improvements in the compatibility and the performance as well.

Also, some major changes were made with a feature called as macro recorder and multi-instance manager. Now you can experience a smoother gaming experience.

Use the new Macro Recorder to records actions for playback at a later time. Refer to the following steps:

Macro recorder guide:

1. First of all click on the “Record” to start recording. The button is located at the right navigation bar.

2. After that it automatically minimizes to the top of the emulator window and records actions like mouse clicks, slides, and keyboard clicks;

3. When you are done with you recording you can stop the recording and the script is automatically saved to your current list.

For recording the <Shake> function, please use a shortcut key to input, mouse click <shake> will not be recorded.

macro recorder feature of the nox app player

Advanced Settings

1. Click to open the advanced settings

2. Loop

  • Select the number of execution
  •  Loop until the user clicks the stop button
  •  How long will last your execution

3. You can set the interval time for script execution.

4. Speed up script execution (0.5~8x speed).

5. Restart

  •  Set the time the emulator will automatically restart
  •  Set the script to auto-start when the emulator startup


Merge script

combined play for nox player

To merge the script simply click the “Combined Play” button


change playback order in android emulator nox

1. Click “+” to add to the playback order in order. Each script can be added/set separately.

2. Select the number of executions.

3. Set the interval time between each script executions.

4. Speed up script execution (0.5~8x speed).

5. Finally click “Save” to automatically add the synthesized script to the operation assistant list.


Script execution

play button android nox player

When the script is executed, it will automatically minimize to the top of the window and display the number of executions.

nox app player see the execution times on pc

After the loop is executed, the operation assistant will automatically stop the execution. The user can also click the stop button to stop the execution.


Interface optimization and new features for the new version of the multi-instance manager and the emulator

  • Multi-instance manager interface adjustment

add a newer emulator or choose different emulator for nox app player

Here Are The New interface button

1. Added the “Android upgrade” independent window, the update status is more visible.

2. An standalone copy button to easily copy an instance.

3. The “Settings” button allows you to pre-set the parameters such as the emulator rendering mode and analysis rate in the multi-instance manager.

4. An independent “backup” button, as it’s important to develop good backup habits.

5. Delete instance, the secondary pop-up window ensures that the instance will not be deleted mistakenly.

6. Adjusted the “Add emulator” interface to remove redundant options, leaving only 5.1.1 (default), 4.4.2 and 7.1.2 (beta) options.

7. “Import”, one-click to restore your backed up data and operation.


  • Emulator interface adjustments and new features

Emulator window

nox player skins and settings

1. The theme center now supports one-click theme replacement

2. Adjusted Drop-down menu button


System settings

run clean up disk to save space

The original clean up disk space option in the multi-instance manager is adjusted to “System Settings” -> “General Settings”.


choose the compatibility feature in nox emulator for pc

“System Settings” -> “Advanced Settings” added “Enhanced Compatibility Mode Beta (OpenGL+)” rendering mode to run smoother while maintaining compatibility of the game.


choose different tools in the nox emulator for pc and mac

The function buttons of the main panel in “System Settings” -> “Interface Settings” support click to display or not display on the main panel; no need to drag the icon, simplify the operation process.

Wrapping UP: Nox App Player Download And Install

The Best Android Emulator on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and Mac Sierra 10.12/10.11

There is not doubt in choosing the nox android emulator as a your go to software for running Android app on PC/Laptop. In my opinion the nox app player is a very good option for a android emulator.

There are several other android emulators such as bluestacks, andyroid, remox os that does the same work. But the simplicity of the nox app player makes it a very good option to choose for a normal user. It has so many advanced features in it that allows you to really raise the game when it comes to using app on PC.

From the beginning of the release of the nox app player, it gained huge publicity and was its downloads increased rapidly. As the users stated to download the nox app player they were getting to know the power of nox player. This made it the best alternative to bluestacks app player.

You can download the nox android emulator and enjoy all your favorite apps and games on your PC without any issue.

As I said earlier the user experience of the nox player is very good and soon after using it a few times you are going to love it. Here we shared how to download and install the nox app player successfully and without any errors. If you have any doubt or queries please leave a comment below.

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