Package Disabler Pro Apk 15.0 (Samsung) Free Download for Android [2019]

If you are looking for the Package Disabler Pro apk then you have come to the right place. With the help of Package Disabler Pro apk, you can do various things on your Samsung phones. These things include such as uninstalling bloatware, etc. One thing to note about the Package Disabler Pro is that it only works with Samsung phones.

So if you have a Samsung phone then this app will work perfectly fine. If you have a phone from any other manufacturer, then, unfortunately, the app will not work. The Package Disabler Pro apk is specifically developed all Samsung devices by the OEM developer team. If you want to increase the performance and the speed of your Samsung smartphone then you can use the Package Disabler Pro to optimize your phone. The optimization of the phone will be done by you.

App NamePackage Disabler Pro+ (Samsung) (Google Play Link)
Android Requirement
4.1 and up


Package Disabler Pro Apk

With the app, you can also control the apps on your device with much more features. The good thing about this app is that you don’t have to root your phone in order to install it. This app works perfectly fine on un-rooted phones as well. The full features of the Package Disabler are available on your non-rooted phones as well as rooted phones. Since this app provides very unique things it is widely popular among the Samsung smartphone users. The flagship phone of Samsung like S9 and S9+ are also supported for this app.

Some of the people are not fully aware of the usage of this app but they want to test it on your phone. For those users, we would like to explain that the Package Disabler Pro apk is an application that allows you to remove unwanted packages that come preinstalled on your phone. In other words, the main purpose of the app is to delete the undesired and non-essential apps from your phone. Like every other smartphone manufacturer, the Samsung phones also comes with a bunch of apps and packages preinstalled that are not necessary.

package disabler for samsung screenshot

These unwanted apps cannot be removed by default, so you have to keep them anyways. Although, this is not a big issue some users face storage issues when they download and install other important apps on their phone. At situations like this, it becomes critical to removing all the useless apps and bloatware that comes preinstalled. This is when the Package Disabler Pro comes into place.

Package Disabler Pro Apk Download

With Package Disabler Pro you can comfortably remove all the undesired apps from your smartphone. You can also remove the preinstalled apps on your phone by rooting the phone, but not many users are comfortable with rooting their phone.

First of all, it voids the warranty on the phone and also you may risk bricking your phone resulting in the phone to be dead. This is the reason that the OEM developer team came up with this awesome app. If you are the one who is searching for a proper and easy way to remove unwanted apps from your phone then you can download the Package Disabler Pro apk from this page. It is worth mentioning again that the Package Disabler Pro+ (Samsung) is only for Samsung phones. You can not use this app on other phones.


We want this thing to extremely clear because many of the users download the app on other manufacturer’s smartphone and then they say that the app does not work. So please take this seriously and don’t try to install the app on phones other than Samsung, simply because it won’t work and will only waste your time. This app is specifically designed for Samsung phone users only. But if you are a Samsung phone user then you can easily download the Package Disabler Pro apk 2019 from our webpage and use it on your phone to remove unwanted apps.

Features Of The App

The key features of this app are:

  • Disable or enable any package or app. There is no limit to these features you can use this function for as many apps you want.
  • The bloatware of your smartphone can be removed with just one click. Getting rid of bloatware has never been easier before.
  • You can export the list of your disabled apps on your external storage for later use. Later if you decide to reinstall them you can simply import the list from your external storage.
  • The multiple disabled packages can be selected and enabled at a single time. Thanks to the batch operation feature of the app.
  • Filters can be applied to see all the disabled packages in an organized manner. Other filters based on installed apps and system packages are also available.
  • You can password protect the uninstallation of the apps.

Wrap Up

If you go to the Google Play store and search for Package Disabler Pro+ (Samsung), you will find that it is paid apk. But you can download the Package Disabler Pro apk 2019 version from this page. So you need not pay anything to anyone. With Package Disabler you can perform various things such as:

  • Add apps to widget control
  • View Package Details
  • Run/Launch app
  • Allows you to add the widget to the home screen which facilitates the quick enabling and disabling of the apps.
  • With the multifunctional menu, you perform import/export functions and also disable apps manually.
  • The in-built search features allow you to find and disable specific apps or services.
  • The Package Disabler Pro also identifies the bloatware automatically.

By reading the above features of the app you can estimate how useful this application can be for your phone. Not only you will be able to get rid of all the annoying and unwanted apps but also do some advanced stuff as well. The Package Disabler Pro app is not harmful to your device in any way.

So if you are little skeptical to use the app then you need to stop worrying and use the app. The app will help you to disable unwanted apps that are consuming your battery power in the background. By disabling the bloatware that is taking too much power you can drastically improve the battery time of your phone. By removing the extra apps you can also make sure that you get that extra storage space that was meant to used by you.

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