Pandora Apk: Streaming Music & Podcasts MOD APK Latest Download

Pandora is the best app for streaming music and podcasts. Pandora apk automatically personalizes the music for and it continually keeps on improving as you use the app more and more. With Pandora apk, you can enjoy your day listening to your favorite music and podcasts.

No matter if you just want to listen to hip hop songs or want to listen to a motivational podcast. Pandora will instantly let you search the music and podcasts of your choice in just a matter of seconds. Pandora app is not available in all the countries but it is supported in only the USA (United States of America) not even in the UK (United Kingdom), Canada.

If you are not in the USA which is the supported country by this app then you can’t download the Pandora apk file from the Google Play store. So people search for the ways to download the Pandor app from other places on the Internet. Now you don’t have to look any further for downloading the Pandora apk because I am sharing it with you in this post. So download the Pandora apk now from the link given below.

Pandora – Streaming Music & Podcasts Details

App NamePandora (Google Play Link)
CategoryMusic & Audio
Android Requirement
Varies with device


Pandora Premium Apk

With Pandora Premium you can form your own stations using your most liked songs, singers, genres, search or browse to look for the suggested stations for your mood and discover podcasts that you will most definitely like. When you download the Pandora apk file and install it on your smartphone, you instantly get access to the thousands of songs and podcasts. I have the Pandora app on your phone you get instant access to all your liked singers and podcasts. Moreover, the Pandora app will keep you updated with all the latest songs and podcasts releases. Whether it is a full album or a single song release, with Pandora you will be the one of the first one to listen to the most recent releases.

Pandora music streaming and podcasts

Pandora knows that all the people are not the same, that is why it offers great customizations and automatic personalizations. From rap-rock to pop and country, listen to your most liked artists and always get the most updated hits and top releases. Streaming has never been easier before, Pandora makes it so easy to enjoy all the current worldwide hits and helps you in making your own personalized music environment.

Thinking of traveling the world or even to the city next to you? take the Pandora with you while you are on the Go. With Android Auto, you can use Pandora on your daily commute or your next travel destination. With the most robust music finding platform you can the chance to enjoy and make your own personalized podcast and music environment from anywhere in the world. So what are you waiting for? download the Pandora apk now and enjoy all your favorite songs, singers, and podcasts instantly for free.

What is Pandora Music

There is no more second guessing on which song or podcast to listen when you are using the Pandora app. Of course, the Pandora app is great for streaming music but it also helps you to increase your knowledge by listening to podcasts.

The podcasts on Pandora are all tailored to your likings and recommendations. Now you will only get the podcasts that make the most sense for you to listen. If you are already sure which podcast you want to listen, then you can use the search feature of the Pandora app to from your tablet or smartphone to start playing your favorite podcast.

Music streaming and podcast

Once you find your favorite podcast and you want to save the hassle of searching for it again, you can add that podcast to your collection by simply tapping the + icon.

If nothing comes in your mind and you want to experience some newness in your life then click on the recommended podcasts to discover over 1,400 podcasts. It does not matter whether you are using Pandora Premium, Plus or Radio you get access to over 1,400 podcasts, also the SiriusXM shows, all for free.

Needless to say that Pandora also comes with the premium version. Of course, it is paid but you can download the Pandora hacked apk from this page. This is the Pandora apk premium link that will give you access to all the Pandora premium apk features for free.

Pandora Premium Apk Download

You can download the Pandora hacked version from this page by clicking on the download link given below. With pandora hacked version of the Pandora Premium. This means that you can enjoy all the features of the Pandora unlocked. Stop waiting more and download the Premium Pandora latest version from the link below.


Features of Pandora Apk Premium

  • Search and listen to your most liked songs, artists, podcasts, albums, and playlists on-demand
  • Make your own playlists with Pandora Premium or use Pandora’s artificial intelligence to create the playlist for you on autopilot
  • Offline any music that you can then listen to anywhere, anytime even when you are not connected to the Internet
  • Unlimited skips and unlimited replays are provided in the Pandora Premium apk
  • With Pandora Premium apk you get to stream the music and podcasts in the higher quality audio, giving you the crystal clear sound experience
  • No more annoying ads, all the ads have been removed from the Pandora apk premium version

Features of Pandora Plus

  • With Pandora Plus you can enjoy personalized radio with ad-free music
  • Create unlimited stations and podcasts based on your likings
  • Unlimited skips and unlimited replays are provided in the Pandora Plus apk
  • With Pandora Plus apk you get to stream the music and podcasts in the higher quality audio, giving you the crystal clear sound experience
  • No more annoying ads, all the ads have been removed from the Pandora apk premium version

Main Features Of Pandora Apk

Although the Pandora app is very awesome by itself the functions of the Pandora music streaming are limited when you are using the free version. In the Pandora Premium version or the Pandora Plus version, you get to experience the real joy of streaming music. But unfortunately, you have to pay to get access to the Pandora Premium version if you download the app from the Google Play store. But you don’t have to spend your money on buying the Pandora Premium apk because we are giving you the fully unlocked Pandora Premium version for free. So before moving forward, it is nice to know all the features the premium version of this app has to offers. So here are some highlighted features of the Pandora apk.

Music classification and smart suggestions

Music lovers will find it very easy to manage all their music when using the Pandora app. With Pandora premium, you can easily select your most liked songs and singer and add it to your playlists. Simply search the name of your favorite song or the artist and enjoy the music on the go. If you don’t have any song in mind to play then you can let the Pandora Music help in finding the best song according to your mood.

You can go the browser section of the app and look for all the categories of the songs, and singers that you like. Moreover, the app automatically gives you the top new listing of the songs and makes it so easy for you to access all of the content. With a smart suggestion feature, you can discover new songs that you will like to listen to. The app also comes with a like feature. A like button that is located in every song you play will allow you to like a song and move it to the prioritization ist automatically. So the next time you open the Pandora app, you will automatically be suggested the songs that are similar to your likings.

Take Your Music Offline

With Pandora Premium apk or the Pandora Plus apk you can download the music and listen to it anytime you want. This feature is only available in the paid versions of the Pandora apk. Once you download the song, it is saved into your local store and you will be able to play it even without the Internet connection. Simply open the app and go to the song that you downloaded and hit play.

Lyrics And Information About Artists

Are you tempted to sing the song along with the music but quite don’t get the lyrics? Don’t worry, you can use the Pandora music to display the lyrics of the song. You can use your whole screen to display the lyrics of the song while the song is playing so that you can read the lyrics and sing along. Added, you can also look at the name of the singer and more information about his/her career by clicking on the small excerpt below the artist’s name.

Shut down timer

You can use this feature if you listen to songs while going to sleep. Pandora app provides you the feature of shut down timer that allows you to stop the music after a certain amount of time. The app has 3 different time intervals to choose from, including 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes. You can activate this feature by simply navigating to the Settings and the activating the Sleep timer function.

Wrap Up

Generally when you download the Pandora apk file from the Google Play store then you have to pay a subscription fee to use the Pandora premium or the Pandora Plus version.

The subscription for the Pandora Premium is $9.99 per month and for Pandora Plus, it is $4.99 per month. You are charged through your Google Play account for all the recurring billings and transactions. If you opt for the trial you will be charged 24 hours before to the end of your trial subscription period.

When you upgrade to the Pandora Premium from the Pandora Plus trial version then all your remaining trial period will be adjusted with the Pandora Premium version automatically. Also, if you wish to look at your subscriptions, cancel or turn off auto-renewal feature, you can do that by going to your Account Settings in your Google Play account.

Just to remind you all the features of the Pandora Premium apk here is the short list:

  • Unlimited Skips
  • No Ads
  • No Timeout
  • Music Downloader, MP3,
  • 192kbps Pandora One support

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