Poweramp Pro Apk Full Version Unlocker + Latest Version Download Free

You are looking at the right place if you want to download the full version of the Poweramp pro apk. Poweramp amp is one of the best and the most popular music customizing app. You will be amazed by all the unique features that Poweramp Pro comes with. The UI of the app is cool and it has a nice user interface. The app is perfect for those people who love to listen to music using customization features.

The developers of the app are constantly improving the app because they want to stay at the #1 position in the music player category. This means that you can expect many more cool features to drop on the updated version of the Poweramp app.

App NamePoweramp Full Version Unlocker (Google Play Link)
CategoryMusic & Audio
Android Requirement
Varies with device


Poweramp Pro Apk

However, you can download and use the full version of the Poweramp Pro apk from our page. In this article, we have provided you with the download link to the latest version of the Poweramp Pro app. Since the app has tons of features, you will get in love with the app once you use it.

These days we tend to install all the modern apps that are coming every day but we often forget the most used app that is the music player. The default music player of the Android smartphone’s doesn’t have many customization features that is why you have relied on apps like Poweramp. The music lovers have tons of songs downloaded into their but they often get tangled when going through them. If you are one of them then you will find that the Poweramp is the best source of music entertainment that you can ever come across.

Poweramp Music Player sampel screenshot

Although people are shifting to online music streaming apps, still there are a large number of people that use offline music. For those people, the first choice of music player should be the Poweramp app. If you haven’t tried the Poweramp Music Player (Trial), you can download it from the Play store. But to use all the advanced features you have to purchase the Poweramp Full Version Unlocker. However, you don’t have to pay for the Poweramp Full Version Unlocker because we are giving you the Poweramp Pro version for free.

Poweramp Pro Apk Download

Everybody loves to listen to music and use music to get relaxed and enjoy happy moments of life. The Poweramp Pro apk will add the extra power that will make your music listening experience way better than it is right now. It is the number 1 paid music player in the whole Android market. The Poweramp app has been running from the past eight years and it is loved by all the music lovers. The app provides very powerful and amazing features that will blow your mind when you will use the app for the first time. When you have the Poweramp Pro apk, you can do great things with it.

The below-given download link is for Poweramp Full Version Unlocker. For this, to work you have to first download the trial version of the Poweramp from the Google Play store and then use the unlocker to upgrade to the full version of the app.


The popular features such as gapless play, powerful equalization system, amazing crossfade are loved by its users. Moreover, the app can play the most commonly used file formats as well. You don’t need any other Music Player on your smartphone when you have the Pro version of the Poweramp. The app has a free version and a paid version as well. The free version is supported by ads and the paid version will cost you around $3.99. But we are providing you the latest modded version of the Poweramp Pro apk for free. This is the latest version that has all the unlocked features of the Poweramp Pro. Simply download and install the app to experience the magic of the most powerful Music Player.

Features Of The App

Some of the features that are worth mentioning are:

Awesome Interface

The default interface of the app is black, it looks very premium and beautiful. If you don’t like the default theme then you can also change the skin of the app by downloading the free themes from the Google Play. Applying themes to the app is very easy, you just have to navigate to Menu–>Settings–>Theme and then select your downloaded theme. Apart from the cool looking interface, the app also has a nice placement of navigation buttons that will give you easy access to the most used options. The Play and Pause button is larger than the other buttons, this makes it very easy for you to tap the button and removes the chances of unwanted pressing of other buttons.

Organize Your Music

With Poweramp Music Player you can organize your songs the way you like. If you have tons of songs downloaded on your phone, then these features alone will be very useful to you. Using this feature you can organize all of you downloaded songs. The two options that are available for organizing the songs are by using the folder sort option and the other is library sort. If you choose the folder sort option then only the songs of the selected folder will be shown. You can choose your preferred folder from the Settings.

Powerful Equalizer

The Poweramp comes with advanced sound customization features that anybody can use. The app has awesome default equalizer presets that you can use with just a tap or else you can create a new one. The custom equalizer settings can be then saved and used with just one tap afterward. If you ever thought that your earphones are not good enough, then use the equalizer of the app. You will be amazed by the sound quality, bass and the loudness of the music.

Widget Support

The Poweramp app comes to with a diverse amount of widget support for the home screen. You get to choose from different widget styles and save it on your home screen for quick and easy access. You can also set a widget on your lock screen so that you can ramp up your music station anywhere you want with just one tap.

Wrap Up

Music helps you relax, entertain and motivate you at times. Listening to music is the best source of entertainment for many of the people, but most of the people are enjoying it to the fullest extent. The modern-day smartphones come with a large amount of storage space and support for the external card as well. You can take the benefit of this thing and download a huge amount of songs on your phone.

This way you will have a large collection of music and you will literally have a mobile music station in your pocket. The Poweramp Pro apk will be your companion as well because you will have plenty of features available at your disposal. You can use features such as a bass booster to increase the bass of the music and enjoy it on a home theater.

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