Rainiertamayo Alternatives: Top 10 Sites Like Rainertamayo [Only Best]

Rainiertamayo was a free streaming site for watching movies online. But recently the founder of the Rainiertamayo website was arrested by the police. According to the TorrentFreak, the website Rainiertamayo was named after the founder of this website Rainer Tamayo. This website was very famous for releasing the latest Hollywood blockbusters for free to the masses. This forced many big movie releasing publications to file a copyright law complaint against the Rainiertamayo website.

You’ll be amazed to know that the website founder was arrested red-handed while uploading a movie to his website Rainiertamayo. The police now have the founder in jail. I’m pretty sure that you feel the loss of the website Rainiertamayo. The founder of this website has the idea that he will only upload the top quality movies and not serve a single advertisement on the site..

Rainertamayo Alternatives: Top 10 Sites Like Rainertamayo

But now the website Rainiertamayo is no longer available, and you have to find some other sites like Rainiertamayo. But don’t worry because here I bring you a list of chosen websites to download your favorite movies for free.

Ofcourse these websites are not exactly like the Rainiertamayo website, but it will fulfill your need for downloading free movies online or offline. So here is the list of sites like Rainiertamayo.

I hope you’ll like it

#1. Flixtor

This website with the cool name Flixtor has all the latest movies and TV shows ready to play online or be downloaded. With Flixtor which is a site like Rainiertamayo, you can stream the latest movies and TV shows for free. And the good part is that you don’t even have to register for enjoying their services.

The website has a nice user interface, and on the homepage, the movies and TV shows are showcased in a grid manner. You can hover over the grid of the movie and see a few details about the movie itself like the year of release, the quality of the movie, the genre it falls and a watch now button. You can also download the movie by clicking on the download button when you hover any movie or TV episode.

sites like rainiertamayo flixor

Flixtor is one of the perfect alternatives to the Rainiertamayo website. You can quickly click on the watch now button and start watching your favorite movie.

If you want to offline your favorite movie then simply click on the download button and on the next page, you’ll be given a direct download link for the movie. Simple, direct link, no BS click on the link and your downloading starts instantly.

The navigation menu of the website includes categories such as movies, TV Shows, TV Episodes and My Lists that will easily allow you to find what you are searching for. Or you can simply use the search feature instead.

#2. Rainerland

The Rainerland website is also very famous for download movies and TV shows. This site is considered as one of the best alternative sites to Rainiertamayo. All the movies on this website are arranged in a proper manner. The website has a clean look and easy to navigate. The navigation menu on the top gives you the option to go to Movies, TV Shows or the Tv Episodes section besides the Home section.

From the right sidebar, you can look for all the newest episodes and the trending movies. This website is like Rainiertamayo and is updated very frequently. You’ll often see that the latest movie or TV show that just a few days ago has already been uploaded to the rainerland website.

sites like rainiertamayo rainerland.is

Click on any movie, and you’ll see more details about the movie. Details such as release date, country, language, playback time, quality and the date of upload are all included.

Before making any decision to watch the full movie you can simply click on the watch trailer button to take a glimpse of the movie. After that, if you like the movie start streaming it right away. This website offers many features as the Rainiertamayo website did. The rainiertamayo and the rainerland website are both very popular on the Internet. Since the Rainiertamayo website is down now, you can see the rainerland website as a good alternative to it.

#3. Netflixmov

No doubt this website is in the list of the site like Rainiertamayo. If you had used Rainiertamayo when it was life, then you may have noticed that Rainiertamayo website brings you the top-notch quality of movies. Similar is the case with this website. The netflixmov gives you access to thousands of movies to watch or download for free.

Simply create an account on this website and hell yeah… now you are ready to feel the awesomeness of this website.

rainiertamayo alternative netflixmov

The website is not like other movies site that serves you a lot of pop up ads without you actually start watching a movie. Instead, this website has no advertisements policy.

Apart from that the website has a very awesome feel and look. This website certainly doesn’t look exactly like , but it is quite similar to it. You can easily see all the movies that are trending and exclusive on the homepage.

Unlike Rainiertamayo this website also gives various options to find the right movie that you are looking for. The website gives you the option to sort movies according to the recency of the movie, popularity, rating, alphabet and random one.

I would even say that if you were thinking of buying the Netflix subscription just for movies then thank yourself now because you have found the ultimate treasure of free movies now. Neflixmov is one of the best alternatives to Rainiertamayo and one of the best place to watch moves online for free.

#4. Alluc

In the list of sites like Rainiertamayo, this is Alluc website is also included because this website is Google of free streaming movies. The website is exactly not like rainiertamayo but serves the purpose that Rainiertamayo website did. That is allowing you to stream free movies online.

So what this website does is that it allows you to search for the streaming links of the movie name that you enter into the search box. I came to my surprise that this kind of website even exists. I discovered this website when doing my research for sites like Rainiertamayo. Absolutely this website deserves its place in the list of sites like rainiertamayo. And here is what Alluc has to offer you and how you can use it.

sites like rainiertamayo alluc

In short, the Alluc is the search engine for finding streaming links of movies. The Alluc website has indexed over 80 million streaming links from various sources such as video hoster, file hoster, and other video streaming services.

Finding movies to stream on Alluc is a piece of cake. Simply search for the movie, and you’ll be presented with a bunch of free streaming links that you play immediately.

The Alluc website works just like Google does, and that means that each and every day more and more streaming links are added to the Alluc index. The streaming links of the latest movies are also being included. I would recommend you to go to Alluc’s website and search for your desired movie. Then come back and comment below and let me know if you found the movie that you were looking for or not?

#5. Niter Movies

The Niter movies is another site like Rainiertamayo. On nitter movies, you can stream or download movies just like you would on rainiertamayo. The website homepage is just a simple search page. Enter the name of the movie that you are looking for and you will see the name of the movie popping right in front of you.

rainiertamayo alternatives sites nitter movies
Some of the genres of the movie that can find on Niter movies are Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Fantasy, History, and Horror.

On the homepage of the Niter movies, you can either directly search for your movie or if you are confused about which movie to watch then hop over to the popular section. On the top right corner, you will find the option of movies by last update, popularity, by genre and by year.

#6. Putlocker

The next website in the list of the site like Rainiertamayo is Putlocker. The putlocker website has been live for quite a few years. The website became a sensation among all the movie lovers since the beginning of its release.

At the time, the Putlocker website is considered as one of the best alternatives to the Rainiertamayo website. You can stream and download and movies on Putlocker. The design and navigation of the website are very clean and user-friendly.

putlocker sites like rainiertamayo

The Putlocker website not only houses the best movies but it also has a huge database of TV series. On the homepage of the website you can see the categories such as Latest TV Series and Latest movies which you glance and see if there is a movie that excites you.

From the top navigation bar of the website, you can choose the genre, go to movies only section, go to tv series only section, view the top IMDB recommended movies and most viewed movies as well.

I have been using this website for a long time, and I thought that it would be a good website to add in the list of sites like Rainiertamayo.

#7. Vumoo

The vumoo website looks quite similar to Netflixmov but regardless of that it one of the best sites like Rainiertamayo.

With vumoo, you can stream movies and TV series online for free. From the navigation, you can jump to movies section or TV series, whichever you like and start watching in a few seconds. Or you can search for a movie by using the search feature that is located at the top right corner next to the vumoo logo.

alterntavies to rainiertamayo vumoo watch free tv show and movies

For watching a movie or TV episode on the vumoo website simply click on the cover photo and your streaming will start right away. The video is served and hosted on multiple servers.

So if you are unable to stream from one server than you should try the next server available to you. The quality of the movie is also very good as almost all of the movies are streamed in 720 HD quality. This is one of the best ways to watch movies online for free. I hope you will agree with me on adding this website on the list of sites like Rainiertamayo if you do let me know in the comment section below.

#8. Couchtuner

The next website on the list of sites like Rainiertamayo is the website couchtuner. The website has a very minimal design. You’ll not see all the flashy sliders or image on this website. Instead, this website has a very clean design.

rainiertamayo alternative couchtuner
The couchtuner website is specifically for TV shows lovers. You’ll find a huge amount of TV shows available to you on this website to stream from anywhere in the world. On the homepage, you can all the latest releases of the TV shows. You can also use the search function to find the TV show that you are looking for.

On couchtuner, all the episodes are served to you from a streaming server, and often you may face some issues. To avoid problems make sure you are using a compatible browser like Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. You can use Google Chrome to stream if the Safari browser doesn’t work.

Beside this, I think watching TV shows on couchtuner is quite easy, and above all it’s free.

#9. Hubmovie

Here comes another website that allows you to stream high-quality movies and TV shows just like Rainiertamayo. The hubmovie has a good userbase, and it is increasing rapidly because the site gives the latest and trending TV shows and movies.

This website contains not only the latest Hollywood blockbusters but also Bollywood and Punjabi movies. You can find the latest and the classic film as well on this website. You can search for the video that you want or use the navigation menu to look for something good to watch.

hubmovie sites likes rainiertamayo

The simple design of the website allows you to browse through the movies and TV shows very quickly and easily. If you would like you can also sort your search by date added, alphabet, featured, popularity, IMDB rating or release date.

You can also contribute to this website by submitting a streaming link to a movie or TV episode. But for this feature, you have to create an account. Even if you don’t find the TV show or movie that you were looking for you can the Hubmovie, and they will try to upload the movie as soon as possible.

#10. Movie4k

Here comes the last website on the list of sites like Rainiertamayo. Don’t think that if this website is on the last, it means it has no value.

movie 4k list of sites like rainiertamayo

On movie4k you can easily find the streaming links of the most popular movies right away. The website offers multiple streaming links to a single film or TV episode. So you don’t need to worry about a single server going down, you can try the next one.

The website offers streaming links from most popular streaming hosts such as openlaod, Streamcloud, Xvidstage, and many others. You should check it out.

Wrap Up: Sites Like Rainiertamayo

So this was all about the sites like rainiertamayo. I highly recommend you to visit each of the above websites and take a look yourself on how this website stands against your needs.

All these websites are accessible from anywhere around the world, but in case you face any country restriction you can use a VPN. The VPN plugin that you can use on Google Chrome browser and Firefox is hoxx VPN. After enabling the Virtual Private Network, you’ll be easily able to access all of the websites mentions above.

Rainiertamayo was no doubt the best movies sites on the entire Internet. But as the saying goes, all good things have an end. But now you don’t have to feel sad if you can’t access the official Rainiertamayo website because there are plenty of other sites like Rainiertamayo.

Here I already listed the best places like Rainiertamayo and I hope you liked them. If you know and use any other movie streaming site like Rainiertamayo, then put that in the comments below.

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