Titanium Backup Pro 8.3.3 Apk For Android [Premium] Free Download

During the age of the data, where we are bombarded with thousands of funny videos and images, it becomes crucial to make space for our important data. Having a backup of your important files like your office files and personal photos and videos is a good thing.

The Titanium Backup is a backups software for your Android phone that allows you to back up your data very easily. The Titanium Backup is so good that it is loved by thousands of its users. That is the reason why it has 4.6 stars rating on the Google PlayStore.

App NameTitanium Backup Pro (Google Play Link)
Android Requirement1.5 and up


But one important thing to note about this app is that it requires root permission. That means you have to first root your Android phone in order to install the Titanium Backup app on your phone. If that’s not an issue for you then you are good to go.

With Titanium Backup app you can backup and restore all your data like apps apk files, your SD card files, system apps, and all protected apps. The app has been downloaded by over 25 million users all over the world and it supports more than 32 languages.

Titanium Backup Pro Apk

Titanium Backup app comes with two versions–one is the free version and another is the Pro version. The Pro version of this app is activated using a key.

But you don’t have to worry about the Titanium Backup Pro key because here I am going to provide you the latest version of the app with all the premium features unlocked.

So follow along with me and see how to download and install the pro version that is activated by default so you don’t need any key to activate it. I am sure that you are going to love all the premium features that are available in this app.

Titanium Backup Pro Free Download

Click on the below link to download the latest version of the Titanium Backup Pro. The app has already activated with a Pro key. You simply have to download the app from the given link and install it.


But remember this app only works with rooted phones. So if your phone is not rooted then you have to root it first and then try installing it.

Installation Instructions

If you have never used the Titanium Backup app before then I would suggest you use the free version of this app. The free version of the app can be directly downloaded from the Google Play itself. But if you are confident enough then you can use the Pro version with all the premium features unlocked.

1. Download the Titanium Backup Pro apk file from the link given above.

2. Click on the downloaded file to begin installing the app.

3. Make sure that you have enabled apps from unknown sources in your settings.

4. Allow all the permission that the app asks and enjoy all the pro features for free.

Features Of Titanium Backup Pro

When it comes to the premium features of the Titanium Backup app, it is huge. You can go to the Google Play and see by yourself how huge list of premium features this app has to offer.

But anyways, I am going to list here the most highlighted features of the Titanium Backup Pro app.

  • Enables you to have multiple copies of the same app. This feature is not provided in the free version of the app.
  • Allows you to backup and restore different kinds of files such as SMS, MMS, calls, bookmarks, Wi-Fi AP as XML.
  • Move your backup data to cloud drives such as Box, Google Drive, Dropbox. You can either choose to manually backup your data to a cloud drive or schedule it according to your need.
  • Convert the backup data into a ZIP file and send it to your computer with TB Web Server. This feature is just like Shareit that used Wi-Fi to transfer the data.
  • Secure your backup by encrypting it.
  • Protect your backup against deletion. This feature will lock your backup and can not be deleted for as long as the backup is locked. This is a good way to prevent accidental deletion.
  • You can even send your backup via e-mail to someone. Or if you have received a backup from someone you can restore it in 1 click.
  • Many more features…

Seriously, this app a huge list of features that I can’t mention here. It also offers some very advanced feature that you can use to take your backup.

How To Use Titanium Backup Pro

No doubt it could be overwhelming to use this backup software especially if you are not a technical person. So here is the full guide on how to the Titanium Backup Pro app on your Android device.

Similar Apps

Here are some of the apps that are similar to Titanium Backup. So if you are facing any issues with Titanium Backup then you can try the following backup apps.

Here are the two top-rated backup apps that are available for free. You can download these apps directly from the PlayStore.

Super Backup & Restore

So the first one is Super Backup & Restore which is developed by MobileIdea Studio. This is a great tool for backup. The app has been downloaded by over 10 million people and is rated 4.4 stars.

Unlike Titanium Backup, this app comes with a very clean design. I am pretty sure that you are not going to have any issues while navigating within this app.

The app provides you very fast data backups and restores facility. You can backup different kinds of files such as your apps, contacts, messages, call history, etc and move to it your cloud storage.

App Backup & Restore – Easiest backup tool

Here comes the second backup tool that you can try on your smartphone. The app is quite popular among Android users and it provides all the basic backup and restores functionality.

The look of the app is very premium and you can easily take the backup of your data using this app. Some of the features that are included in App Backup & Restore are auto Back-up and batch Back-up.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, I would ask you to download the app and try it yourself. At first, it might feel overwhelming to see all the features that the pro version of this app has to offer. But with the time you will get hang of it.

So what you need to do now is to just click on the download button above and install the app on your Android phone to enjoy the Titanium Backup Pro.

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