Vegas Crime Simulator Hacked v3.5 Download [MOD, Unlimited Money]

Vegas Crime Simulator is an action-based game developed by Naxeex LLC. The Vegas Crime Simulator has been inspired by the gold old GTA: Vice City game. When you first have a look at the Vegas Crime Simulator you will be able instantly to tell that the game is a model of the GTA: Vice City.

We all know how popular GTA: Vice City game was back in the days. But the problem was that we can only play the game on our desktop computers and laptops. But now Naxeex LLC has done an amazing job to launch a look-alike version of our favorite game and came up with Vegas Crime Simulator.

App NameVegas Crime Simulator (Google Play Link)
Android Requirement4.1 and up


Vegas Crime Simulator Download

Vegas Crime Simulator can be obviously played on our Android devices. But it would be more fun if you have a large screen device. In Vegas Crime Simulator you have a lot of control options that will allow you to steal cars, shoot at people, fight with criminals, fight with police, hijack a bike and much more. In the game, you can roam around the whole Las Vegas and have fun doing different kinds of things.

The game Vegas Crime Simulator is also very similar to the GTA saga. So if you have played GTA saga before, then you will get very easily used to playing Vegas Crime Simulator. Since this is a simulation game you can move your character anywhere around the city and do things like stealing things, chasing people, shooting to criminals, shooting to people who fight with you and many more.

Now, you don’t have to waste your energy in the game if you want to have a tour of Las Vegas. You can simply hijack a car, bike or even a helicopter to have a quick look at the whole city. If you want a slow ride then you also get the option to drive a tank.

vegas crime simulator Screenshot_1

Talking about the weapons, there are many which you can choose from. The weapons can be customized easily and apart from weapons you have tools such as axes and knives.

If you have previously played GTA saga then you are going to love Vegas Crime Simulator.

Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk Download

With Vegas Crime Simulator (MOD, Unlimited Money) you can buy anything you want from the store and customize your weapons in whichever the way you like.


When you have the Vegas Crime Simulator mod version installed on your Android phone you will have no shortage of money because it is unlimited.

You can load your guns with heavy ammunition and select from a large category of goods and vehicles.

Installation Instructions

The installation process is simple and quick.

1. Download the modded version from the link above.

2. Allow unknown sources from the settings.

3. Click on the apk file and grant all the permission to install the game.

4. Enjoy the game with unlimited money.

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The simulation games are very popular these days but there are many simulation games available other than just action or crime simulation. These simulation games are made to emulate a real-life situation but many times these types of games fall into the border of fantasy and future situations. But many people love to play simulation games.

City Building Simulation Games Screenshot_1

So if you are one of them you must try some other simulation games that are very popular. Here are a few good categories of the simulation games that you should give a try.

Life Simulation

Games such as the “The Sims 2”, “Second Life” and “Black and White 2” falls under the category of life simulation games. This genre of simulation game has grown rapidly over the past decade.

Flight Simulation

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If you ever wanted to fly a plane then you must try the flight simulation games. The games are filled with intense visuals that make it very fun playing the simulation. You can drive any plane or a jet in the world and sit on the driving seat to experience the breadth of the skies.

City Building Simulation

Yet another popular simulation category that has made it’s rooted in the simulation game industry from the last few years. In this type of simulation games, you build your own city. When you have your own city you also manage and run that city like a president. You make laws according to you and also make the city look whatever the way you want it to look like.

Wrap Up

So that was all about the Vegas Crime Simulator (MOD, Unlimited Money). Download and install the mod apk to really enjoy this action game. You will act as a criminal in the game and you can anything you like.

If you get bored of doing crime just take a round of the Las Vegas city. Choose the vehicle of your choice like a bike, tank, helicopter, car and a weapon like an ax, shotgun, machine gun to protect yourself. I am sure that you are going to have a thrilling experience by playing the Vegas Crime Simulator using the modded version.

With the original version of the Vegas Crime Simulator game, you have to earn gems by playing the game. Often times you get free gems as well. But to upgrade your weapons to your level of choice you have to collect a lot of money. To tackle this problem you can use the hacked version of the Vegas Crime Simulator.

Although the game is pretty good and like by millions of users it lacks some features. It would be a lot better if there would be a multiplayer mode so that you can add your friends to the game as well. Also, if the game adds vehicles like ships and airplanes it would become even more exciting.

Similarly, the crime level can also be increased to six instead of five that would make to more challenging and more fun at the same time.

vegas crime simulator Screenshot_2

There are certain points in the Vegas Crime Simulator where you need to have some superhero skills to bypass or complete your task. But usually, those superhero skills like climbing the walls and flying are too expensive. These skills can be easily bought when you have the Vegas Crime Simulator unlimited money mod version.

With unlimited money, you can also buy RPG shots and use them on a tank to blast it. The tank in the game can’t be blasted easily, it requires at least 10 RPG shots to actually make it blast.

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