Weather Live Pro Apk v1.13 Latest Version Free Download For Android

AddThe Weather Live Pro apk is here for you to download for free. With Weather Live Pro apk you can easily see the weather that is coming your way. You can add the Weather Live Pro widget on your smartphone’s home screen that will continuously notify you of the weather condition around you. The Weather Live Pro apk does not limit you to only check the weather of your location but also the whole world.

You can check the weather at your next vacation destination in just a matter of seconds. Also, you can choose the location from inside the app and see the weather condition of that specific area.

This way you will be able to easily make your decisions according to the weather forecast shown in the Weather Live app. This app will help you tremendously when you are not sure whether taking an umbrella when going outside is required or not.


Weather Live Pro Apk

App NameWeather Live Pro (Google Play Link)
Android Requirement
4.4 and up

More About Weather Live Pro

weather live pro

Apart from checking the weather of your favorite destination you can also check the weather of your exact location many days ahead. The Weather Live Pro app gives you the most accurate weather condition forecast so that you know when it is going to be cloudy, rainy, snowy or even stormy outside.

The Weather Live Pro app comes with no advertisements whatsoever. The ad-free environment ensures that you get the most seamless experience while using the app. The app comes with lots of awesome features that gives you lots of customization options.

No matter, if you want to just look at today’s weather or the tomorrows’ weather or even a week from now, Weather Live Pro is there for you. This is the most complete and trusted weather forecast app that provides you with real-time weather updates. Adding the cherry to the cake, you can also check weather updates of even many days ahead. This will help you to plan your schedule accordingly.

Download Weather Live Pro Apk

The Weather Live Pro application is recognized as one of the best weather forecasting source providing you with the super accurate weather forecast. The Weather app comes with many added functions such as availability to add it as a widget to your smartphone’s home screen.

Moreover, you can add the weather widget on the home screen to get quickly notified about the weather. The widget comes in different sizes, so choose the size with which you are most comfortable with. Also, you can see the local weather, weather map using the within the Weather Live Pro app.


Download the app from the below link and install it on your phone to get the real-time weather updates right on your smartphone.

Key Features

see live weather on your homescreen

  • Lets you view the weather right now in the hourly forecast.
  • You can see today’s weather condition and the weather condition of the whole coming week in hourly weather detail.
  • Gives you the option to choose from the various weather station to show the weather forecast. These weather stations are all approved by national weather service.
  • With weather channel in place, you will be notified by the app when it is going to be high temperature, windy, humid, stormy, rainy, dew point, precipitation, visibility, pressure, water, sunrise sunset.
  • You can see the weather changes on a minute basis, hourly or daily basis. The app also allows you to see the long-range weather forecast of up to 14 days.
  • All the weather details are updated in real-time, so get the latest forecast right on your smartphone’s home screen.
  • Weather Live Pro has a feature called animated weather condition that allows you to see how the forecasted weather will look like before it actually is going to happen.
  • See the weather in your location or the city next to you or even the country next to you. You can check the weather report of the whole world right from the Weather Live Pro app.
  • Check Weather for cities: London, Toronto, NYC, Chicago, Sydney, new york, Houston, Boston, Washington dc, Seattle, Ottawa, las vegas, Orlando, Dallas, Denver, Philadelphia, Atlanta, San Francisco, San Diego, in Los Angeles, Birmingham, in Phoenix, Nashville, Nashville TN, in Miami, San Jose, in Minneapolis, in New Orleans etc.
  • Automatically alerts you about the daily weather condition 3 times a day.
  • Gives you very accurate Sunrise time and the sunset time of your city.
  • Also, lets you see the oceanographic maps to see the weather conditions of the different oceans. This feature is particularly useful for people who go fishing in the oceans.
  • The weather widget of the Weather Live Pro can be placed on the homepage and can be customized according to your taste. You can choose to set the transparent widget or
  • Apart from just the weather widget on the home screen Weather Live Pro comes with weather lock screen too. That lets you see the temperature, rain, clouds & clock widget weather.
  • Temperature free switching mode: Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Wind guru tools let you see the wind speed and wind direction. You can also see the wind forecast using this built-in tool
  • You can easily track the weather of multiple locations simultaneously.

Wrap Up

So that was all about Weather Live Pro apk. You can download the latest version from the link provided on this page. Weather Live Pro is a great way to check weather condition around you.

You can totally rely on this app because gives you the most accurate weather forecast details. You can easily check the current weather of your location or any location in the world. Added, you can also view the weather forecast according to hours and days.

The home screen widgets for your android smartphone gives you easy access to this weather forecast app. You can use an either use a weather clock widget or a weather radar widget, all depending on your taste. You can even customize the style of these widgets to fit the look of your phone’s theme.

With the weather map feature, you can check the weather in all of the areas around you. You will see where it raining, where it is windy, cloudy, humid or stormy, all at a single place. The temperature measurement units used in the app are in Fahrenheit and Celsius and the app shows the sunrise and sunset times according to your city time zone.

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