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What Is A Network: A Newbie Intro

You may often hear the term network or networks and the term networking. So what does the term network actually mean?

So in this post, we are going to discuss what a computer network is?

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The term network is used in multiple contexts and means different things to different people. Today we have social networks such as Facebook. We have telephone networks such as mobile networks. Your Android phone as an example would connect to a cell-based network. We have television networks but the focus is on computer networks.

The network is a connected collection of devices and end systems such as computers and servers which communicate with one another a computer network may consist of multiple devices including end systems such as PCs mac books iPad’s iPhone’s Android phones and others. Printers servers cameras access points and many other devices that communicate with each other in most corporate or enterprise networks.

We have to use the devices such as PCs and laptops communicating with servers such as email servers and Web servers. But more and more these days we have a trend where mobile devices such as iPad used networks carry data in many types of environments including homes small business networks and very large enterprises such as banks and government institutions.

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In the early days’ computer networks were typically only found in large companies but these days you find them all over the place including coffee shops and even restaurants shopping malls peoples homes and even when you’re walking around outside.

These days it’s common practice to connect to 4G networks and browse the internet from your mobile phone while walking about or using an application such as Google Maps to navigate while you’re driving.

You may come across some traditional network terms based on where users are located including a main office main office is a site way you may have hundreds or thousands of users that connect to a network to enable them to perform their jobs. They may be one or multiple buildings and it may house a data center.

These days there’s a trend to move servers to the cloud where the servers are actually hosted by organizations such as Amazon Google and Microsoft remote locations may include branch offices.

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So as an example a bank may have a corporate office in New York or in London but may have branches scattered around the country that connect back to the corporate or main office. When retrieving information about users these days there’s a trend to work from home or be a mobile user.

And with the increase in speed and reliability of the internet, this has become more common where people don’t go into the main office but work from home or telecommute.

In other words only connect remotely wherever they are to the corporate network. Networking makes connecting to each other so easily.

So here is some more common info about computer networking:

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Common types of area networks are:
  • LAN – Local Area Network.
  • WAN – Wide Area Network.
  • MAN – Metropolitan Area Network.

Common Network Architecture is:

  • Client/Server
  • Peer to Peer

Common Network Topologies are:

  • Star
  • Ring
  • Bus

Common Network Communications Technologies are:

  • Intranet
  • Extranet
  • Internet

We’ll be covering each of these topics indepth in the coming days, So stay tuned and don’t forget to share.

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