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what is Big Data? Explained in detail

You probably may have heard the term Big Data while browsing the web. But do you know what Big Data is? and how it’s changing the world? If not, in this post we are going to discuss Big Data.

So keep reading and let’s dive right into it.

what is big data

The data has become a very important part of our lives and we store our data at the various location so to face any mishappening. Nowadays data is more valuable than the actual money.

The data that we normally make use of is nothing if compared to big data. It is estimated that the whole world generates around a whopping 4 Exabytes of data per data that equal to 4 million Terabytes.

The data around the world is collected into different forms and then is stored and process to derive any meaning of it.

The companies use big data to analyze their audience in order for them to understand their customers better and give them better services.

You can process and analyze big data with your normal machines for that you need to use specialized software and hardware.

So let’s take an example of Facebook. It keeps track everything like what you posted, from where you posted, where you are spending most of your time, what brand you like or which brand you don’t like and much much more.

The facebook then uses all this big data to derive a meaning from it and this overall helps them to keep their service better.

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Let’s take an example of weather forecasting station. The weather forecasting also used big data and then derive the meaning of it which helps them to tell the most regions where rain, earthquake, a tsunami is most probable.

The big data is so so big that until now we are not able to process and analyze all of the big data.

Now suppose you want to extend your business to a new country. Now before setting up your headquarters in that country you first need to analyze about the people of that country.

After analyzing it you’ll be able to find what products are more likely to sell in their country, what is the audience base, how much people are talking about your company.

With having all this information you can headstart your company in a new country with great profit by applying what works and what doesn’t works according to your findings. That’s how big data is important.


Sot that was all about big data and how it’s changing the world. If you like the articles please do share it with your friends and if you have any question or suggestion feel free to comment below or contact me directly.

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