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What is Cloud Computing? Explained in Detail

If you are a regular Internet user than you may have come across the term cloud computing.

Now what cloud computing actually is and how it works. So if you are excited to know what is cloud computing is then this post is for you.

So let’s dive right into it.

what is cloud computing

why the name cloud computing

The word cloud is commonly used in science to refer a large mass of objects that visually appear from a distance as a cloud and describes any set of things.

Also in the early nineties, the Computer scientists and engineers needed some way in their diagrams and slideshows to refer to “the network,” that big grouping of computers and storage devices out there somewhere.

So they used cloud diagrams in order for them to refer Internet.

What is Cloud?

Let us take a real-life example to understand cloud computing.

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Suppose you have a computer in your home on which you do all your normal stuff like browsing the internet, making word documents, copying and moving files, playing games and so on.

You can do all these work on your home computer without facing any issue. Now suppose you want to play graphics intensive games which require a high-end system or you want to store a huge amount of your data or you want to use software which is not installed on your system and is very costly.

Now you can either purchase a new system for playing those high end games and buy the licenses of those costly software or consider this you can use someone else’s system which is capable of playing high-end games or use software on someone else’s system which will be very cheap as compared to buying the software license yourself.

The idea of the cloud computing works like this. You remotely access someone else’s system to do your stuff.

Now, most of the people think the cloud is related only to the storage of data.

But that’s not true.

As I mentioned, you can also use the software in the cloud.

Image result for cloud applications

You can use software like photoshop, after effects, google docs using your Internet connection.

Although, any of these softwares may not be installed on your system itself still you are able to get access to these softwares using the cloud computing infrastructure.

Many of the startup companies are dependent completely on the cloud.

Now suppose you have a company which employees around 5000 employees and if you think to store all the company related data like company’s applications, employees data, and other stuff on you dedicated storage.

Then you experience a huge setup and maintenance cost.

So instead of opening your own data storage facility, you can rent cloud storage from well-established companies whose whole purpose is the provide cloud solutions to the businesses on the tight budget.

The cost is relatively low and you also you don’t need to worry about any maintenance of the storage. All the maintenance will be provided to you by the company from your cloud service provider.

Now if you had implemented all your data storage facility yourself then it would be very costly to scale up. Now you 5000 employees and in the future, if you have 10000 you will need to rethink the entire infrastructure.

This is not the case when using any cloud service provider like google cloud or Amazon web services.

You can easily scale up or down as per your needs. Making using the cloud technology in your business is very convenient and saves you lot of time and money.

Top Cloud Computing Service Providing Companies

So below are the top Cloud Computing Companies for your cloud services needs:

1. Amazon Web Services

2. Microsoft Azure

3. Google Cloud Platform

4. Adobe

5. VMware

6. IBM Cloud

7. Rackspace

8. Red Hat

9. Salesforce

10. Oracle Cloud


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